95% of your life is determined by your subconscious mind. This is how to stop financial lack using the awesome power of the subconscious.

Only a few people understand, that your subconscious mind is the most powerful instrument that you have. It processes 4 000 000 000 bits of information per second, while the conscious mind can process only 2 000. That means the subconscious is 2 million times faster than the conscious.

Your subconscious mind is like a huge memory bank. Its capacity is virtually unlimited. Sub consciousness permanently stores all your memories, it regulates, blood pressure and muscles tension, and it determines eye movement and so much more. Above all it and most importantly it is responsible for your emotional state in every moment of your life; in fact, it manages your reality.

Thus, when you experience pain, you can’t perceive it for a long period of time – your consciousness pushes it to the subconscious “shady” zone, where it lies rotting and giving off negative affects which last a life-time. A good example is scarcity of money – this fear of being without money is rooted in a particular situation in your past. People like to say that time cures. Unfortunately, this is not true – your suppressed emotional events just dig deeper giving rise to waves of negativity.

The critical issue is the SUBCONSCIOUS CREATES SITUATIONS that strengthen and/or renew the unprocessed past traumas. When you trigger these negative situations, your first reaction is to blame other people, the government, the climate, the company or whoever else you happen to choose, but, and it is really hard to admit, the real reason is inside yourself, inside your past experiences which lurk in your subconscious. And the annoying reality is you can also clearly see the root, when you simply ask yourself about it.

Since being rich and successful is the results of several actions made in the right sequence and at the right time, most people don’t grasp this so they waste time and energy trying to create wealth – spinning the wheels and getting nowhere! It is impossible for them to create wealth. Situations (life conditions) will deflect results in the wrong way because of faulty decisions which mean that created wealth will be destroyed. The lottery winners are the best examples – they get lucky once a lifetime, but their fears, pains, beliefs and behavioral models (unprocessed emotional charges) mean they are poor again in a few months/years.

Master’s Solution is the instrument that cleanses your subconscious of painful situations from the past. Yes, those times when you were beaten, offended, neglected, robbed and mocked. I know it is hard to delve back into this material again, but it is your ONLY choice. This is the exit from your comfort zone. The good thing is that thanks to these extraordinary techniques you need only to say one keyword or trigger and your subconscious mind, acting as your faithful servant, will eliminate the negative experiences easily quickly and freely.

I recommend you  get the Master’s Solution Set: Open your mind to the Universe and Abundance (https://goo.gl/MMMvx6) and eliminate all outdated and painful life moments from your subconscious mind in just a couple weeks and begin to enjoy a completely new and  richer mindset.

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