The mind has the similar architecture as a computer. All our feelings, thoughts, beliefs and memories, as well as our basic intelligence are like software programs. The one has accumulated data and experiences, so the memory gets fulfilled and the processing capacity becomes limited. Incomplete and emotionally charged experiences are like files and programs that are running in the background, so they are using the available memory and processing capability.

These files and programs take a share of basic ability to function effectively in life and learn new skills. They are often sending contradictory messages and it creates mental confusion and conflict because that interferes with your conscious intentions and with each other. The Master’s Solutions technique eliminates emotions from these open programs and files and closed it down, thus the system operates in the best way possible.

You are Being Manipulated

You brain has been defiled for years by multi-million-dollar ad campaigns and PR managers. Most of them deliberately use images that evoke fear, envy, or pain. You are surrounded by manipulators, both inside and outside of you, demanding your attention so you have no chance to be yourself.

The soul cannot find its voice and can only emerge in dreams if the mind (ego) is being manipulated by external irritants. And, the mind is always chasing false values that have been planted there by advertising professionals, experts, lobbyists, friends, parents, etc. Thus, following a dream is like following the horizon - it is always moving away from you. Occasionally you can reach some of the materialistic targets your mind has set for you - you can buy the car you have been forced to dream of or own some piece of property, but within a month or two you find that even that isn't enough.

Your mind has been programmed to think, "buying this gizmo will make you happy". Even more often, your mind has been trained to strive for labels, such as "freedom", "good job = high salary", "good mom", "good daughter", and "do it right". You can try to protect yourself by masking your true feelings. Look around you - most people wear masks to protect their inner world, so as not to show real emotion, and to suppress their emotions.

Your main task is to process the energy from the sun, earth, air, food, and water and produce money. The best years of your life are spent producing money. But who is getting all this energy you created? And where is all the value you created going? The technique you are about to learn will give you detachment from those who would manipulate you and detachment from caring about the possession of material objects and the opinions of others. It is at that moment that you will be able to own possessions without being a slave to them. You will appreciate an object's true nature and beauty instead of simply enjoying your ownership of it or being frustrated by your lack of ownership. It opens the gates to your energy flow and you will begin to shine as brightly as the sun.

This technique will give you an opportunity to take a break from all the distractions keeping you from being and feeling your best self. It is time to purify you mind and to start your deprogramming.

The Benefits

This technique can help you get results very quickly. The initial effects will be evident in your physical state, vision, and relationships with people, your community, and universe in just a few days. The long-term effect will require the systematic, continued, and consistent use of the technique.

Master Solution gives immediate relief from most types of pain. In the short term, it eliminates problems, pain and fears. In the long term, it provides healing, energy, mental cleansing, and emotional balance. It helps to:

Imagine an iceberg to represent your consciousness (10-20%), which you can control and manage. Most of the iceberg is found underwater. This is your Sub-Consciousness Mind (SCM), who is the real master of your life that can make projection of the past into the future. The values of your past run your SCM, which operates the programs that manage most of your patterns, thoughts, feelings, and actions. Some of these patterns and programs are useful, like using a fork or breathing, but most of them are just a toxic waste dump of dead situations with all of their concomitant hurtful emotional charges such as fear, anger, and other horrors which you can see, smell, and feel on this waste dump.

The SCM records the events in your life, including your thoughts, emotions, pictures, sounds, and feelings. The SCM actually creates your universe based on your past experiences. The Sub-Conscious Mind also filters perceptions of the world. In essence, these perceptions are like light passing though the deep prism of an underwater iceberg to reach the conscious mind.

During this trip, the light is distorted by emotional pain, judged by something called “dualities” (good/bad, god/evil), and sometimes disappear into the subconscious, so the results are distorted and negative or positive colored pictures. About 80% of the information in the mind of the average person is distorted.

Any adult typically has between 700 and 1900 emotionally charged episodes in SCM, and somewhat fewer in children. Each of these emotional charges requires a special treatment to rid the individual of the roots of his or her problem. We suffer painful events at different times in our lives; during the pre-natal and natal periods, childhood, adolescence, and as we age. Also, episodes in our previous lives (karma) leave their traces. The idea that you can forget something or cast aside moments of your life is an illusion. All that emotionally-charged waste consumes energy, it also creates irrational fears and nightmares.

Given the opportunity, this emotionally-charged episode will reemerge from your distant past. In this way we "attract" our own problems. The same problem is coming back again and again and you are locking yourself in samsara circle. It is clear that there is no point in wasting time using meditation techniques for your spiritual development if your past problems are still unresolved.

About the Technique

The technique gives you a unique opportunity to eliminate hurtful traumas, offense, and all the various roots of all your current problems. The past will be nothing more than a set of mental records, without any emotional charge.
The technique also:

The subconscious mind (SCM) is incredibly fast and powerful tool by requesting that it do something for us, but our request must be very clear and detailed, otherwise our SCM will instead work on another task and eventually you will see that your problem reappears.

The Importance of ”Dualities”

An important element of the technique is something called “dualities” which come in the form of opposed ideas, concepts, identification, and labels. Dualities create a strange world. You experience reality through a given system such as good-bad, god-devil, noise-silence etc. All the irritations in the universe are judged by this system of “dualities” - the same music could be seen as good or bad depending on the time of day (early morning or afternoon). Of course, you are simply reacting automatically, not responding to the music, but to your relation with a good-bad duality. Freedom of choice comes from eliminating dualities.

The main advantage of the technique is the ability to specify difficult, comprehensive assignments for the SCM, to assign it many multitask procedures to process the layers of several problems, not only one. For example: we can process any negative state or irrational fear, and all conclusions, perceptions, and convictions; we can work out relationships and perceptions of people who are part of the material and us; we can grant forgiveness to these people and feel grateful, and all of this will be done automatically, without our conscious thought, even while sleeping. This presents a unique opportunity to process a huge number of problems quickly and easily.

It is easy to begin. Read the Master's solution out loud, or silently, and this is enough for the SCM to understand and remember it. We pronounce the starting phrase and the SCM begins to execute the program.


One beautiful day, you will open your eyes and recognize that you have no worries. Your mind will try to find any thought, or idea to start to worry you again, as if it is trying to cause an obstruction. However, when it realizes that there is nothing to worry about, it will become your servant, not your dictator.

Thus, what the technique gives you is "endless, immortal, peaceful, and blissful consciousness".

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