Ability (to something) - inability

Abnormal - normal

Absence of sympathy - sympathy

Absolute - relative

Abstract - specific

Acceptable - unacceptable

Acceptance - a rejection

Acceptance - rejection

Acceptance of another's points of view - no acceptance of another's points of view

Accurate - careless

Acknowledgement -refutation

Active - passive

Activity - passivity

Actual - irrelevant

Adequate - inadequate

Advanced master - last sucker

Advancement - retreat

Affinity - loneliness

Alarm - calmness

All - nothing

All depends on me - nothing depends on me

Altruism - egoism

Always - never

Always to realize itself - never to realize itself

An observer - an observed

Analysis - synthesis

Anxiety - calmness

Anxiety - peace

Approach to the purpose - a distance from the purpose

Arrival - leaving

Attack - counterattack

Attraction - repulsion

Attraction to people - tearing away from people

Availability - inaccessibility

A permission - an interdiction

A statement - a negation

A subject - an object

A sucker - not a sucker

A teacher - a pupil

Balance - compulsion

Beauty - ugliness

Belief - disbelief

Belief - knowledge

Better - worse

Big - small

Body - mind

Body - spirit

Boredom - interest

Change - effort

Chaos - Order

Charisma - Dullness

Cheerful - malicious

Cheerful - tired

Cheerfulness - gloom

City - village

Communications - absence of communications

Completeness - emptiness

Conclusion - consequence

Condensation - dissolution

Confidence - uncertainty

Confidence in Universe abundance - fear in Universe scarcity

Consciousness - instincts

Consciousness - materiality

Consciousness - unconsciousness

Consciousness - body

Constancy - changes

Constancy - fugacity

Constant - rapid

Contempt - respect

Control - freedom

Correct - wrong

Creation - destruction

Danger - safety

Dark - light

Day - night

Decent - indecent

Definiteness - uncertainty

Dependence - independence

Deprived - prosperous

Depth - surface

Desire of approval - desire to give approval

Desire of love - desire to give love

Desire to argue - unwillingness to argue

Desire to be approved - desire to approve

Desire to be lonely - desire to be with all

Desire to be loved - desire to love

Desire to be with people - unwillingness to be with people

Desire to live - desire to die

Desire to move - fear to move

Desire to move - unwillingness to move

Desire to supervise - desire to release control

Desire to supervise others - desire to be supervised by others

Desire to work - unwillingness to work

destitute - wealthy

Directly - by curve

Dissatisfaction - satisfaction

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Distinction - identification

Divine - material

Domination - submission

Dream - reality

Dynamics - statics

Ease - weight

Economical - prodigal

Effort - apathy

Effort - rest

Emotion - absence of emotion

Emotions - emptiness

Emotions - judiciousness

Emotions - reason

Emptiness - the whole world

enlightmentness - prosaicness

Enthusiasm - apathy

Eternity - moment

Everyone - anybody

Existence - creation

Existence - non-existence

Expansion - compression

Failure - luck

Fair person - Swindler

Far - near

Fear - boldness

Fear - rest

Fire - water

Firmness - fragility

Flat - abrupt

Folding - deployment

Force - powerlessness

Force - weakness

Force of night - force of day

Forever - temporary

Form - formlessness

Formation - disappearance

Fornication - chastity

Forward - back

Fragility - eternity

Fragrant - fetid

Freedom - depression

Freedom - fate/destiny/karma

Freedom - Responsibility

Freedom - slavery

Freedom - submission

Freedom - unfreedom

Fresh - languid

Full - empty

Fundamental nature - looseness

Future - past

Generous - avaricious

Genius - madness

Getting experience - avoiding experience

God - devil

Good - bad

Good - evil

Good luck - failure

Goodwill - animosities

Gratitude - ingratitude

Gravity - levity

Greatness - pettiness

Grief - pleasure

Happiness - grief

Happiness - sorrow

Heavy - light

Hell - paradise

Here - now

Here - there

high - low

Hopelessness - hope

Horizontal - vertical

Hot - cold

Human beings - animals

Human embodiment - other world

Humdrum - holiday

Hunger - satiety

I - a full enlightenment

I - abundance of the Universe

I - all

I - another

I - anything

I - Buddha

I - emptiness

I - extraterrestrial mind

I - Galaxy

I - infinity

I - intuition

I - life

I - movement

I - not I

I - others

I - primordiality

I - the thin world

I - the whole world

I - the world

I - unity

I am - I am not present

I am - people

I am a source - I am not a source

I am unique - I am as usual people

I should - I want

I should be right - I am not right

I -Universe

I want to be conscious - I don't want to be conscious

I want to communicate with people - I do not want to communicate with people

I'm Bad - I'm good

Ignorant people - wise people

Illusion - reality

In front - behind

Incompleteness - integrity

Indifference - enthusiasm

Indifference - involvement

Infinitesimal - infinite

Initiative - inactive

Inner life - external world

Inside - outside

Interest - boredom

Interest - indifference

Intuition - consciousness

Irritation - acceptance

It is necessary to do something - it is not necessary to do anything

It is necessary to work - it is not necessary to work

Judicious - rash

Knowledge - action

Knowledge - ignorance

Lambent humour - trite humour

Laziness - desire to operate

Left - right

Life - death

Light - darkness

Limitation - infinity

Limited consciousness - boundless consciousness

Literacy - illiteracy

Localization - no localization

Logic - creativity

Logic - emotions

Logic thinking - image thinking

Long - short

Love - aggression

Love - fear

Love - force/power

Love - freedom

Love - hatred

Love - loneliness

Love - refusal

Love - pain

Love to people - hatred to people

Lucky - unlucky

Magnanimous - dishonorable

Male - female

Material - emptiness

Material - non-material

Material - spiritual

Material world - an inner world

Material world - the thin world

Merciful - ruthless

Mind - instincts

Mine - somebody's else

Minus - plus

Mistrust to people - trust to people

Movement - rest

Movement - standing on a spot

Movement - immovability

Movement - stop

Multitude - uniqueness

must save the face - shouldn't save the face

My desires - another's desires

My father - my mother

Mysticism - Philistinism

Nature - civilization

Near - far

Negative - positive

Negative emotions - positive emotions

Noble - ignoble

Nobleness - meanness

Noise/sounds - silence

Now - afterwards

Occurrence - disappearance

Old - young

Optimism - pessimism

Others are right - I am right

Panic - calmness

Part - whole

Passion - spirituality

Past - future

Peace - aggression

Peace - disorders

Peace - power

Perfection - imperfection

Pleasure - grief

Point - space

Point - three-dimensional object

Positive - negative

Positive element - negative element

Positive polarity - negative polarity

Possible - impossible

Poverty - riches

Power - feebleness

Presence of thoughts - absence of thoughts

Present - future

Present moment - eternity

Present - past

Progress - degradation

Pure - dirty

Quickly - slowly

Reason - emotion

Reason - consequence

Reasonable - imprudent

Reasonable - mad

Relaxation - tense

Repetition - variety

Responsibility - irresponsibility

Rest - fear

Rhythmical - spasmodic

Riches - poverty

Right - wrong

Rigidity - softness

Sacred - sinner

Safety - insecurity

Salty - unsalted

Sane - rash

Satisfaction - discontent

Satisfaction - dissatisfaction

Self-doubt - self-trust

Sensuality - loss of consciousness

Shame of a failure - delight of a victory

Shining - dim

Should - shouldn't

Shout - silence

Silently - loud

Silly - educated

Small - big

Something - anything

Stability - shocks

Standing - lying

Structured - not structured

Substance - emptiness

Substance - energy

Success - defeat

Success - disappointment

Successful - unsuccessful

Sweet - not sweet

Symmetric - asymmetric

Sympathy - propitiation

Sympathy - antipathy

Take-off - falling

Talent - lack of talent

Terrestrial - unearthly

The beginning - the end

The extrovert - the introvert

The left hemisphere - the right hemisphere

The man - the woman

The obvious world - the unobvious world

The sky - the earth

The sun - the moon

The witty person - the stupid person

The world is bad - the world is good

The world is dangerous - the world is safe

The world is unfair - the world is fair

Theory - practice

There is time - there is no time

This world - other world

To agree - to disagree

To be - not to be

To be flexible - to have a one track mind

To be integrated with one's own roots - to be divided with one's own roots

To believe that all will turn out - not to believe that all will turn out

To bless - to damn

To forget - to remember

To give - to accept

To give - to receive

To have an opportunity to choose - not to have opportunity to choose

To have results - not to have results

To have results of work - not to have results of work

To have the prime target - to live absolutely without the purpose

To know - not to know

To know everything - not to know anything

To know the mission - not to know the mission

To own all - nothing to own

To realize an essence - to see a surface

To receive results from work - not to receive results from work

To remain - to leave

To remember - not to remember

To see - to understand

To start - to stop

To survive - to die

To survive - to surrender

To sustain - to surrender

To take - to give

To take responsibility - to shirk responsibility

To throw - to lift

To turn pale - to redden

To win - to lose

Tolerance - intolerance

Top - bottom

Tragedy - comedy

Training - knowledge

True - hallucinations

True memory - illusory memory

Truth - lie

Uncertainty - confidence

Uncertainty in the future - confidence in the future

Understanding - misunderstanding

Unity - separately

Unity - duality

Unity with the others - isolation

Unpleasantly - pleasantly

Unwillingness of changes - desire of changes

Unwillingness to live - enjoy of life

Unwillingness to live - thirst of life

Usual people - enlighted people

vanguard - rearguard

Victory - defeat

Victory - loss

Vigorous - inert

Vigorous - tired

virtual world - real world

Visibility - invisibility

Vulnerability - invulnerability

War - peace

Way - purpose

Weightiness - weightlessness

White - black

Wise man - stupid

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