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Thank you for sharing your experience. Fear is the biggest roadblock to true enlightenment . . . fear of self . . fear of others . . and fear of the unknown. To release this is a goal for all.
Darlene Daly

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Eliminate self-negation

Do you know that self negation behaviors are driven by old emotional baggage stored in the subconscious mind that has hypnotized you into believing that you are bad, unworthy, undeserving, inadequate, guilty, responsible for the suffering of others, unacceptable, undesirable, defective, deficient, unlovable, and so on? Do you know these beliefs seduce you into reluctantly negating yourself through self destructive choices that further ruin your self confidence, self esteem and self worth? Do you know that none of this suffering is necessary, that you can permanently delete all of this old emotional programming and take back your life?

When ever one lives through a negative personal event the memory of that event becomes automatically stored in the subconscious mind of that individual. From there is serves as a marker of the event but it also generates and justifies negative beliefs about that person continuously. For instance a memory of rejection/abandonment often is associated with beliefs that the individual is unacceptable, unwanted, defective, inadequate, unattractive, and so on.

These negative beliefs severely constrict and limit that individual's life choices. They may inhibit the person from engaging in normal social situations, leave them feeling alone and further lowers their self esteem and self confidence. This can then lead them to take aim at themselves for being somehow defective or abnormal. These negative choices lead to a reinforcement of the initial negative memories making them stronger and more intractable to change.

As you can see this leads to a vicious negative downward spiral that not only incapacitates it also ruins one's entire life.

There is now a way to extricate one's self from this spiral and that is to cut the programming off right at its source. That source is the negative memories themselves.

How this done? Well, simply by erasing negative emotional charge completely and permanently from the subconscious mind.

Now I realize that many of you will either be skeptical and/or fearful of such a process. Well, would it surprise you if I said that both the skepticism and the fear are part of the same subconscious programming that intends on negating you and your life and that it wishes to undermine your efforts to ever get rid of it? If you ponder this in your Heart you may begin to "feel" a resonance with what has just been said.

Now, you can delete the skepticism, fear and the negative programming and became successful, free and happy master of your life directly with Master’s Solution: Eliminate self negation

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