Is your sex partner fully satisfying you? Do you feel a strong emotional “attachment” to your ex, but you don’t understand why? How do you break your emotional dependency on your ex? Do you repeat the same mistakes in relationship with a new partner? How long is your orgasm? How to use Sub Consciousness Mind to make you happy and harmonic?

Schopenhaeur said falling in love is a ‘blind biological urge’ in us – love is basically an illusion which pull men and women together. Love in our mind is magical, sweet, sensational and is a symbol of happiness. But little did we know that these emotions come together with Love as a whole ‘package’. When human are able to derive positive emotions out of something, we gain satisfaction. And this satisfaction is what keep our desire alive. It’s instinctive, and we are basically slaves to our own instinct and desire.

Love is, besides an emotion, a judgment. It is one human judging another for the purpose of granting an emotional response. The same with hate, adoration, admiration, reverence, revulsion, enmity......

Attachment leads to possessiveness: MY husband, MY wife, MY friend, MY family. Did you ever realise that we cannot own people, unless you believe in slavery? Possessiveness leads to FEAR of losing, fake affection out of fear, overprotection, craving, jealousy or even the feeling: I can't live without her/him/my car/my job/my jewelry/my music....

- "Love with attachment consists of waves of emotion, usually creating invisible iron chains."

Exaggeration and projection are the main reasons that ordinary love leads to disappointments. To illustrate this some words from M. Scott Peck on "ordinary love":

  • "The myth of romantic love is a dreadful lie. Perhaps it is a necessary lie in that it assures the 'falling in love'- experience that traps us into marriage. But as a psychiatrist I weep in my heart almost daily for the ghastly confusion and suffering that this myth fosters. Millions of people waste vast amounts of energy desperately in an attempt to make the reality of their lives conform to the unreality of the myth."
  • Love is the pretext whereby so many people crucify themselves to the arrangement of marriage, relationships, and commitments, for a reason no better than mere obsession. Love is necessitated by a sexual impulse, no matter how much we try to restructure or "tame" it. You can spend 5 hours listing the "necessary" qualities of a "soul mate", but all those qualities are for naught if they do not contribute to sexual arousal.
  • Schopenhauer believed that the truth is ugly. Marriage is a trap to confine couples together. Living as a husband and wife means halve both of their rights and double the duties. Having children will require the couples to put in more effort and resources to maintain the family.
  • Therefore, only a force as strong as Love can ‘blind’ us, bringing men and women together in a same roof. When we are finding our potential partners, we do not think of making babies with them, rather, we think of Love. It seems that we have no choice but to fall in love and the illusion of love (which gives extreme positive emotions) will conveniently wipe away all the misery of a married life and having babies.

To summarize: our own projections, selfish expectations and exaggerations of Love are the foundations for attachment, judgments and the unavoidable disappointment.

The MASTER SOLUTION: LOVE is working through relationship with loved ones, forgiveness, detachments, judgments, sex taboos, moral principles and society puritanism. It will improve the relationship with your partners, sex enjoyment and orgasm.

Please note that for the use of MASTER SOLUTION: LOVE you need to read the following processors “Clap”, “Execute it”, “Merge”, “Hoppo”. All these processors are FREE.

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My depression is over. I start to feel joy now.


Thank you for the Solutions. My classes enjoyed the clapped technique as we explored asanas that also release emotions. Most students commented that they enjoyed the class because they felt better!


Thank you Zen,Your solutions are very helpful in my spiritual awakening process. Thank you for doing this work.