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Master Solution: Masturbation helps me to restore my passion for love, instead of lust.

I'm progressing a lot , I felt relaxed and confident now.

"Most of us young kids who play at nosebleed stakes don't really have any clear idea about the actual value of the money we win or lose. Most of us see the money more as a points system. And because we're all competitive, we want to have the highest score. But really, we don't know what making $400,000 or losing $800,000 means. This blind spot gives us the freedom to always make the right move, regardless of the amount at stake, because our judgement isn't clouded by any possible ramifications."
Daniel Cates, 21-year-old millionaire and online poker champion

Can money buy happiness? Money gives you satisfaction, maybe accomplishment, but it is possible to have a lot of money without having a decent life. You might have a lot of money and live a meaningless life. Money is a very loaded concept in your SCM. Money does not exist in nature, though: can you pay a cow for its milk or its meat? Money is like energy, but only in the mind. We can visualize money as a circular piece of metal, ridiculous pieces of printed paper, numbers in a bank account, or numbers of shares in a corporation. Most people are manipulated by money. For myself, money is energy flowing in a pipeline inside the mind, on the conscious level. We transform the energy we receive from food, the sun, or breathing into this mental energy. We need either to increase the diameter of this pipeline or clean it. Detachment from money matters is the way to increase the volume of flow by the increasing the diameter and cleaning of the pipeline. To test our relationship with money, transfer as much money as you feel appropriate to PayPal ( account: . The amount should be enough to make you want to resist it, to make you feel irritated and to make you afraid that you will never see the money again.

The amount will show you the current diameter of your money pipeline. It is like giving money to the Universe. After that, please write down all your feelings and thoughts and process them manually. The volume of the material for processing will show your attachment to money and make you feel the scarcity of the Universe. The money will come back to you from the Universe. It could come not just in the form of cash, but also as an increase in your credit limit, an increase in the value of stocks, paying off a loan, or an incredible discount.

Please read MASTER SOLUTION: MONEY consciously and start it. After 2-3 weeks, please transfer a further appropriate sum of money by PayPal again. Then check the amount you have transferred (meaning the size of the pipeline) and your detachment from money. Again, if you are not very detached, write down all your feelings and thoughts, process them manually, and contact me for additional SOLUTIONS using the "Feedback" form.

To irritate you even more, to open the MASTER SOLUTION: MONEY you will need to input the 17-digit PayPal Transaction ID. However, if you are too greedy to let the money go, you are welcome to return to the Universe of endless "bills to be paid".

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