Beginning of instructions.

These instructions are for you, OUR subconscious.

These instructions are for the “Clap” technique for processing material.

As soon as we turn our attention to any material which we want to process using this procedure, we say or think the special key word, “Clap”. Then you will carry out the process completely autonomously and automatically in the background, by neutralising all the charges which make up this material, which consists of images, sounds, smells, feelings and tastes, either existing separately or in any combination, using the “Clap” technique described below.

You will carry out the following steps in order to neutralise a charge:

You will designate a separate, completely isolated area of the subconscious which has no influence over OUR functioning or well-being and in which you will be able to carry out the procedure below. This separate area will serve as a kind of protective buffer which is intended to protect OUR being from any possible unforeseen negative consequences which may arise during the course of the procedure.

You will find completely neutral material, with no charge at all, in OUR past (in this as well as in previous lives).

You will place the material to be processed and the completely neutral material, with no charge at all, with all its inherent attributes (“pictures” of memories, sensations, sounds, smells, tastes, and OUR breathing as a separate entity, as well as any combinations of these) and characteristics of the attributes, into the designated area of the subconscious.

“Characteristics of attributes” means:

For “pictures” of memories:

associating (I see with my own eyes) or dissociating (I see myself in a picture as if from the outside);

placing the picture in relation to US (from in front, from the right, from the left etc.); the size of the picture; with or without a frame.

The shape of the picture (square, rectangular, round etc.);

the brightness of the picture (bright, dull etc.);


sharpness and focus (sharp, blurred);

the colour of the picture (colourful, black and white, red, green, blue etc.);

animation (slides, film, fast, slow etc.);

spacial dimensions (2-D, 3-D);

depth of the picture (distance to the background);

distance from US to the picture;

quantity (a single scene or multiple images);

duration (length of time on display).

For sensation (both internal and tactile):

location on the body (whole or part of body, internal / external);

area (large / small);

pressure (strong / weak);

temperature (warm / cold);


movement (speed / direction);

intensity (strong / weak);

weight (4kg or 10kg);

level of moisture (wet / dry);

texture (rough / smooth);

duration (length of exposure).

For sounds:

position (from the left, from in front, from behind etc.);

rhythm (regular, irregular);

volume (soft, loud);

pitch (low, high);

timbre (bright, dark);

tempo (fast, slow);

stereo / mono


orientation (internal, external);

distance from sound;

duration (length of sound).

For breathing:

length of inhalation, exhalation and pause between breathing in and out;

type of breathing - abdominal, from the chest, or a mixture;

volume of breath;

rhythm of breathing;

frequency of breathing.

For taste and smell:

intensity (strong / weak);

duration (length of exposure).

You will change absolutely all of the characteristics of the attributes of the material to be processed in accordance with the corresponding characteristics of the attributes of the neutral material which has no charge.

After changing the characteristics of the attributes of the material to be processed in accordance with characteristics of the attributes of the completely neutral material, which has no charge, you will reincorporate this separate area, making the area and its corresponding resources available to the whole subconscious.

Next, you will check for any resistance from US to this neutralising of charges and, if there is any , remove the charge which has arisen, using the neutralisation technique described above for each area of resistance in turn.

You will also check for any fears WE may have that the neutralised charge may return at some time in the future. If such a fear is discovered, you will remove the charge which has arisen, using the technique described above for each fear in turn.

After this, you will check for any resistance WE may have to the neutralisation of the charge in other people who may be opposed to this neutralisation. For this, you will identify with each of these people in turn. If any such resistance is found, you will carry out circular processing on this resistance, using the technique described earlier for neutralising charges.

After this, you will check for resistance to the neutralisation within US from all parts of OUR personality, without exception, which may be opposed to this neutralisation. In order to do this, you will identify with each part of OUR personality in turn. If any such resistance is found, you will carry out circular processing on this resistance, using the technique for neutralising charges described earlier.

You will carry out all the work of processing this material within 5 earthly seconds or less from the moment when the mechanism is first activated, without any damage to OUR emotional, psychological and physical health. By means of OUR body's smiling, you will indicate that the mechanism has been activated after saying the appropriate key word mentioned earlier.

Give thanks to our Universe, our body, mind and soul, Earth, Air, Fire and Water, and to the Masters of the Past, Present and Future who have shown us the way.

OUR subconscious, you will always carry out everything WE have described in these instructions, from this moment, no matter what circumstances, situation, mental or emotional state or duality we find ourselves in. Therefore WE thank you, deeply appreciate you, and respect you for always remaining OUR true and faithful servant.

End of instructions.
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