Master’s message:

Some think that we are on the verge of a new age of awakening and rebirth. The future holds worries and concerns for all of us; do you feel any anxiety about the coming year and the years to come? Could there be a better trajectory for your path in life?

Relax, breathe deeply, try to be honest, and ask yourself the following questions:

  1. Have you ever wondered if your mentality and emotional setup might have a direct impact on your fortune and Wealth?
  2. Could there be a way to alter your attitudes and outlook in such a way as to make you a magnet for wealth and profitable opportunities? Does this interest you?
  3. If there were a method to achieve this, if the secret lay in a few lessons which, once learnt, would enhance the rest of your future life… would it appeal to you?

If the answer is YES this invitation is for you.

Master’s Solutions Set: Open your mind to Universe Wealth with Master

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  • A package of everything you will need to make your life a magnet for wealth, at the value of $1195
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Money is a loaded concept in your subconscious. Money is like energy, but only in our minds. We can visualize money as circular pieces of metal, ridiculous pieces of printed paper, numbers in a bank account or the shares in a corporation. Most people let themselves be manipulated by money. Money is energy flowing through a pipeline inside the mind on the conscious level. We receive energy from food, from the sun, from breathing and transform it into this mental energy. We need to either increase the diameter of this pipeline, or clean it. Detachment from money matters is the way to increase the volume of flow by increasing the diameter and cleaning out the pipeline.

‘Wealth Blocks’ are nothing but the negative thought patterns rooted deep in our minds; we feel guilty for wanting to be richer, we think that we don’t deserve wealth or that money corrupts. These notions keep us back. We’ll look at these Blocks in detail later on, you might find a few of them quite startling!

Until recently only a few people knew how to remove these mental Blocks.

I want to show you how to achieve this, and I want to tell you about my own experience;

I’ll tell you more about how you fit into this shortly, but first there is something important I need you to understand:

Founder of “Masters of the Universe”

I was a very successful businessman in the corporate world. To be exact, I was a CEO working at a leading energy middle-market investment bank. I raised capital and bought middle-market energy businesses on a daily basis. One day an unseen force pushed me to pause and examine my life and career. I wondered, what is actually important to me? What, if anything, do I really enjoy about mergers and acquisitions? Then, the voices of the Universe called to me and showed me that these questions were about much more than just myself. I realised that what I loved most was guiding, encouraging, and supporting people, showing them how to be the best they could be. I felt the light of the universe filling me with a sense of purpose. I realised that this was more than my goal in life, I understood that I had been given a sacred mission on Earth. I was shown the pain, the suffering the entirety of the unrealised potential amongst us. I saw the full oppressive strength of our social preconditioning, I saw us struggle and toil in hate, jealousy and greed in vain. I had awoken and seen clearly that I must be a guide, a friend, a master, that I had the power and the duty to show people the true way of awareness and conscious being. I had to show people the sacredness within themselves which they couldn’t find on their own. I decided to redirect all of my time and energy to focus on sharing the wisdom I’d acquired. I decided to help people develop their potential fully, to teach them the life lessons they needed to learn in order to achieve their dreams. I knew I had to help you get the life you deserve.

Freeing yourself from ‘Wealth Blocks’

Prosperity is the product of the wealth-creating mindset. There is a certain trait that all successful people have in common. It almost looks like magical good fortune; fantastic money-making opportunities simply fall into their laps, every decision they make is right, they never seem to second guess themselves. Even if every last penny were to be taken from them they would turn their luck around in the blink of an eye, restart from scratch and succeed. This trait isn’t something magical, it is a combination of attitude, instinct, and confidence. They have a nose for new opportunities and can sniff out things hidden from the rest of us. They have the confidence to pick a path and follow it, while the rest of us waver and doubt while the trail goes cold.

Imagine a fountain of creativity that never seems to run dry, a whole new perspective. Even your sleeping self, instead of being stressed out further by confusing anxiety dreams about debt and missed chances, could suddenly uncover previously hidden solutions.

Your outlook on the role of money in your life could stop being so bleak. Imagine the constant worry about making ends meet at the end of the month changing into pleasant musings on what you should treat yourself to, what presents you could give your family, where you could go on holiday.

Transform yourself into a catalyst for positive change for the planet by inspiring others with your success and Wealth , and having the financial means to support your favourite charities and spark social movements in your community.

Imagine discovering a new sense of enthusiasm, fresh inspiration, feeling a drive to be the best at what you do, having the strength to pounce at each new opportunity. Every day could bring more exciting ideas, more exhilarating prospects at work.

Imagine finally discovering that equilibrium between work and play. You could optimize your time, spending just the right number of hours at work to make you a success, and having enough time and energy for your loved ones and favourite activities.

Imagine having those streaks of good luck that always seem to happen to other people. You could be at the right place at the right time for wonderful coincidences to happen. A chance encounter could lead to a new partnership, a random movie could open your eyes.

Imagine being a spark that can cast light on the world around you. You could be the positive example that motivates others. You could have the influence and financial means to change things in your community for the better.

Imagine being a spark that can cast light on the world around you. You could be the positive example that motivates others. You could have the influence and financial means to change things in your community for the better.

It is crucial that you understand that there are many kinds of ‘Wealth Blocks’, and each of us has our own particular set determined by our personal past…

But having even ONE WEALTH BLOCK is sufficient to throw your life entirely off course.

Just consider, what if the belief that hard work leads to wealth actually mutated into a Wealth Block? You might work overtime day after day, exhaust yourself, collapse the minute you got home late at night. You would miss out on time with your loved ones, you could lose those close to you, you could damage your health.

Can you see how much harm even one unmonitored Wealth Block can do, how much havoc it can wreak in your life? Now think about the fact that most of us have about a dozen Blocks, in varying levels of severity.

If the impact of one Wealth Block can ruin your life, what might the weight of several of them do to you? How could your potential be realised in such circumstances? Imagine how much your career, your financial situation and your personal life are suffering because of this. They’re keeping you from the wealth and success you deserve.
You’re wondering where my knowledge has come from, let me tell you...

I am both a very successful and highly experienced banker, and an enlightened master.

Growing up, I got the traditional middle-class conditioning on money matters, probably much like you. I saw my parents arguing over what we could and could not afford. The same messages seemed to be drummed into me every day; “You have to be successful”, “To be successful you must work a lot”, “You must work a lot because life is difficult and you won’t get anything on a silver platter”. When I turned 37 I paused and looked around me. I was at the peak of my career, I had all the gadgets I could want, yet I had no sense of fulfilment. I realised that I was just living out my father’s plan, as he did his father’s, I wasn’t truly a ‘big league’ player. I was afraid of, I was biased against having ‘too much’, and I would shoot myself in the foot whenever a chance to make A LOT of money came my way. After that I turned my life around completely, and then I began teaching others to help them see the same revelation. My teaching had an infallibly positive effect on my students’ lives, they went on to become leaders in their various sectors, from politics to business.

In this time, I continued applying my discoveries to my own Wealth Blocks

I remember what it was like to not have very much. That was me, not very long ago. And now, I live a life that, until recently, I could only dream of. I interact with the rich and powerful on a daily basis. Having achieved this, I decided to use my station and resources to reach out to others and help them make their dreams come true.

I’ve told you my story to show you that anyone, no matter their present or past circumstances, can break past their Wealth Blocks and fulfil their potential. If I did it, and thousands of others did it with my help, YOU can do it too.

How to eliminate your Wealth Blocks.


I won’t lie to you; you can’t clap your hands and make your Wealth Blocks disappear. Discovering what they actually are, and committing yourself to clearing them is only a small part of the total work. The biggest part of your journey will consist in digging through the junkyard of your subconscious mind to reveal pile after pile of prejudices, self-doubt, bad habits, and pre-set attitudes.

Our energy flow is used to following its habitual channels, and whenever we try to divert it, our subconscious mind will try to return to its old pathways, again and again.

Picture your mind as an island. The part you can see above the water, your consciousness, makes up only 10% or 20% of the total landmass. The rest, your Sub-Conscious Mind (SCM), is hidden and not easily accessible. Your SCM is built up on your past, on the values and conditioning which you assimilated from an early age; it embodies a stencil. Through this stencil your past is traced onto your future. The SCM shapes the way you think, how you act, what you feel, according to its own set of rules. Some of its component bricks are valuable, like knowing how to walk or tie your shoelaces, but the majority of it is rust and rubble, a junkyard of unmet expectations, disappointments and old traumas.

The SCM is a library where a record of your every thought and feeling is kept, it stores the things you saw, heard, and touched. Based on its ever-growing archives your SCM writes the story of your life and colours new, incoming perceptions to match the rest. What youperceive in your surroundings filters through the root network of the SCM before it reaches the top of your conscious ‘island’.

The mind is constantly storing, processing and renewing information. Like a computer, it has an operating system which manages our past and present experiences as if they were software resources. Our processing power isn’t limitless; as data accumulates and memory fills up, the computer starts to run more slowly, fragmented programs and misplaced files lead to bugs and system errors.

The algorithms in our minds are responsible for our everyday existence. Too many open tabs and programs running in the background take up processing power. They can interfere with each other and the files in your conscious mind, sending mixed messages and resulting in doubt and lack of focus. The “Master’s Solutions” method clears this debris and optimizes the system, leading to increased processing power.

The “Master’s Solutions” course will guide you through every step of your journey as you discover and remove your Wealth Blocks.

“Master’s Solutions Set: Open your Mind to the Universe of Wealth” is a step-by-step guide to overcoming your Wealth Blocks; it is only available here and here alone.

Each step of the course tackles a specific issue, such as subconscious negative associations with the concept of wealth, and each step is an integral part of the whole journey. The destination is a complete cleansing of the subconscious clutter holding you back, the total eradication of the reasons behind your lack of financial success, and a refocusing of your energy.


You can become a member of the elite 1% of the planet’s populace who are NOT limited by Wealth Blocks

“Master’s Solutions” works methodically through the items of baggage cluttering your subconscious, stamping them out one at a time:

Session pointer

Wealth Block #1: Fix the no-cash situation

Begin the purification process and unblock your energy channels.

“Master’s Solutions” for this step:

  • Overcome the no-cash situation. Lack of spending money.
  • Eliminate the roots of laziness, and get the Money.
  • “Poor little soul”: Eliminate the roots of Poverty.

Take charge of your life and open up your energy channels, direct it towards realising your potential and making money.

Wealth Block #2: Cleaning up your financial mess: Become free of debt

Heal the anxieties interfering with your clarity of thought, let the space occupied by worry be filled with creative energy and solve problems.

“Master’s Solutions” for this step:

  • Out of the ‘Debt Hole’
  • The Emotional Release of Promises and Debts
  • Releasing self-sabotage and self-negation from the concept of Money
Golden Fish

Wealth Block #3: Purifying the concept of Money: clearing financial illusions.

Examine your preconceptions about money, and see how they create anxieties, panic and dread which in turn influence your decisions and keep you from accumulating Wealth.

“Master’s Solutions” for this step:

  • Clarify your set of concepts about Money
  • Fears, Myths and Superstitions about Money.
  • Merging with Money concept

Wealth Block #4: Money and Socium -Clearing family blocks

Remove the financial misconceptions laid down in your childhood and lay down a new, solid foundation to build up your wealth.

“Master’s Solutions” for this step:

  • Money in Childhood: concepts inherited from parents
  • Purify the relationship between ‘Woman’ and ‘Money’
  • Our poor friends limit the growth of our Wealth

Wealth Block #5: Enjoy outgoing cash-flow

Finally reach the level you’d always strived for, where your financial circumstances increase your enjoyment of life.

“Master’s Solutions” for this step:

  • Enjoy spending money
  • Unrealised purchase
  • Supermarkets: irritation with shopping

Wealth Block #6: Attract Money and Abundance - turning your Blocks into Profits

Examine the real reasons why you don’t seize chances when they present themselves, letting them go by.

“Master’s Solutions” for this step:

  • Fear of possessing ‘Big’ Money
  • Enjoy work and self-realisation
  • Eliminate subconscious money blockages

Wealth Block #7: Clear the blocks which stop you from welcoming Wealth - Release your ‘Millionaire Mind-set’

Understand that the most productive and healthy path to success is finding a way of working which makes full use of your unique, inimitable abilities. Uniting your new sense of purpose and affluence can lead to great change.

“Master’s Solutions” for this step:

  • Enjoy your life without Envy and Comparison
  • Cleanse your image of a ‘Billionaire’
  • Remove the humiliation you feel in connection to money matters

Wealth Block #8: Remove the fear of Success - realise your Wealth and manifest Abundance

You have laid down the foundation; now be an architect and build up your wealth into a palace especially for you, that you will find beautiful and be happy in.

“Master’s Solutions” for this step:

  • How to make $60 000 000
  • Getting the first million
  • Manifesting abundance

“Master’s Solutions Set: Open your Mind to the Universe of Wealth”

Change your life

How will it change your life?

This method is designed to start acting rapidly. Almost immediately, you will see positive changes in your outlook on life, in the way you feel within yourself and the way you relate to your environment and those around you. Ensuring that these effects take root will require dedication and perseverance on your part.

The ‘Master’s Solutions’ method aims to first alleviate your stress and suffering so that you can face your difficulties constructively, and then to help you heal on a deeper level, to uproot the causes of your pain, lead you towards inner peace, emotional equilibrium and uncover new sources of energy.

You will find that you can:

  • Develop your career
  • Have a better connection to those close to you
  • Free yourself from suffering and anxiety
  • Find new joy in life

On average the subconscious mind of a grown-up is weighed down by 700 to 1900 items of negative emotional baggage; children carry slightly less. We accumulate these burdens as we live through distressing events. They begin affecting us before we’re born, and continue to pile up through early childhood, youth, and maturity. Even our past lives can cast karmic shadows and add to the weight we bear. We might pretend that we’ve moved on, but we cannot truly forget such life events and we store them deep inside. Dragging this negative weight around will continue to drain our strength and haunt our dreams, unless we examine every box of baggage and identify the true origins of our problems. “Master’s Solutions” shows the most powerful and effective way to manage and solve these issues.

Left untouched, the emotional clutter of the past will continue building up, and create more problems in the present. The same issues will rise to the surface time and time again, and we will continue running around in circles. Trying to escape the samsara cycle through spiritual development techniques focused on the here and now is pointless as long as the issues of our past remain unsolved.

Principle method

The principle of the method:

Our past experiences haunt us, we live with unresolved tensions and carry our pain with us. This is your chance to cleanse and purify your emotional links to your memories, to heal the wounds which cause your current issues.


  • The unnecessary weight we carry around clouds our judgment and drains our energy. In order to achieve your goals in life, you will need to free yourself from these burdens and use that previously wasted strength and focus to improve your life.
  • We see the world through a clouded filter; we constantly compare reality to our expectations of it. As a result, we see a disappointing contrast. You can learn to stop chasing illusions and be able to clearly see, and appreciate, what really is.
  • You can stop running from the wounds of your past and trying to hide them in the furthest corners of your subconscious. You can erase the negativity from your memories, accept them, and redirect your previously misapplied energy-focus. You can reclaim full use of your mental abilities.
  • You will gain full access to the archive of your past, remember things you had suppressed, but without the hurtful feelings they used to come with.

Exactly like a powerful computer, your mind can process complex problems quickly and efficiently; but it needs to be set clear tasks to carry out. Our subconscious mind needs precise instructions in order to provide a definitive solution, rather than merely postponing the issue.

Your current financial status is the first issue that should be addressed. Wealth will follow a streamlined state of mind; you will become more proactive by clarifying and defining your aims, identifying what is interfering with them, and focusing on how to eliminate blocks rather than dwelling on them fruitlessly.

Here is a list of just some of the changes that will occur in your life after you start the “Master’s Solutions” course:

  1. You will stop feeling like you don’t deserve to be financially successful and understand that you are worthy of having more money.
  2. You will prosper by balancing pros and cons, rather than dreading making decisions.
  3. Enjoy facing, and solving, difficult situations.
  4. Overcome the blocks keeping you back and watch your inspiration and energy grow. Your subconscious will become tuned towards reaching your targets and making your financial situation flourish.

Think about the time you spend worrying. Think about your sleepless nights, the constant anxiety chasing you everywhere you go. The fear you feel, the sense of being surrounded and not knowing what to do. Now imagine how much of your life force is being consumed in this useless way. ‘Master’s Solutions’ can show you how to unblock your energy channels and redirect the flow towards generating income.

The negativity you’re feeling isn’t just wasting your energy; it’s absorbing it, feeding off it, and the more it takes, the more it needs. ‘Master’s Solutions’ closes these wasteful channels. Not only will you have more energy than you ever had before, but the life force you didn’t even realize was being spent needlessly will become focused on generating cash flow. Your doubts, your fears, your pain will stop. They will stop because they will have nothing to power them. All of your energy will be concentrated on manifesting cash flow, and transforming your reality. You will see the results within thirty days.

Spot new chances to make money all around you. Reach higher and grasp your financial goals.

Make choices, and put them into effect straight away, without doubt or fear.

Stop second-guessing yourself, stick to the path you’ve chosen and follow it to the realization of your dreams without faltering.

Be confident that there is nothing interfering with your earning capacity, that there is nothing holding you back, and that your potential to earn more is limitless.

Leave behind the mentality of just about getting by, of not being able to do much better than that. Aim higher than you ever thought possible, and reach past the level of financial comfort to wealth you could only have dreamt of.

You will discover a new sense of direction, and see money in a new light. You will find new ways to save money, and to multiply your finances using approaches you‘d never thought of before.

Stop thinking of money as something negative, as worries and concerns which ruin your enjoyment of life. It will become a positive presence which will open new doors for you.

Shake off any secret bitterness or envy you might have towards those richer than yourself as well as any guilt you might feel at the idea of having more money; these notions only constrain you and limit what you could achieve.

You don’t need to commit to spending long stretches of time on the course; you can read ‘Master’s Solutions’ in your own time, for half an hour here and there, when you wake up, before you go to sleep, when you get a break from work. You can savor the experience and feel stress draining from your body, peace entering your mind and replenishing you with energy.

Testimonials for Master’s Solutions Set: “Open your mind to the Universe of Wealth”

Things start getting better quickly, and don’t stop

I literally only began the “Master’ Solutions” course two weeks ago. I immediately started finding it less difficult to interact with my clients, and I enjoy it so much more. I’ve closed six out of seven deals, with barely ANY effort. For two clients, it only took one meeting with me for them to say “I’m sold, let’s get this signed.”

-Anna P., San Francisco, CA, USA.

The changes affect much more than just your professional life

I work as a fashion designer, and I’m also a musician. It’s like my creativity was dozing and just woke up, fresh ideas seem to simply pop into my head. On the music side of things, some technical problems I’ve been having just disappeared into thin air.

I’m much more confident, and everyone seems to feel it, people go out of their way to spend time with me, it’s amazing to feel so loved!!

I can’t express how much this has meant to me.

Thank you!

- Chloe, Switzerland.

Light the spark, watch the light spread

The amazing thing about this method is that it applies to anything, anything at all that you might be going through. The “Master’ Solutions” course not only improved my outlook on money, but enriched the way I relate to my friends, my family, and my religion.

The different steps brought so many hidden things to light, I had no idea that the things I heard about money as a child had such a harmful influence on how I see it now. This method doesn’t just change your attitude towards wealth for the better, it heals your past.

- Alex, Toronto, Canada.

Your environment affects you in different ways.

The reasons for your Wealth Blocks can come from different sources; the political sphere, the things you hear on the news, what you learnt from your family or past authority figures.

Do you remember the adults from your childhood grumbling about how the more wealthy people have, the more they want, and how ‘the people in charge’ always favor those who have more over those who have less?

Do you remember endless parables, perhaps from school, about how money corrupts and how rich people come to no good?

Do you think that seeing the rich portrayed as bad, heartless people in everything from children’s literature to films has had an effect on you?

Do you think that the idea of endless, backbreaking work being the only way to success and happiness is rooted deep in your mind?


The seeds of these misleading preconceptions are slowly, quietly planted in your mind and grow into Wealth Blocks.

Look around you and you will see how many people are crippled by this underlying mistrust of money. We’ve learned to think of it as something unclean, we feel bad for desiring it because wealthy people are seen as selfish and wicked. So we toil away and pour all our time and energy into work, but we are terrified of taking a calculated risk or make a confident decision.

Think about your present situation, and how you came to be there. Do you think Wealth Blocks have interfered with your financial growth?

Now look at your personal financial circumstances. How much do you think Wealth Blocks are holding you back right now?

Do your profits increase annually?

Your profits should grow steadily with each passing year to keep pace with economic fluctuations. Are you making more money every year than you did the year before? Is your profit margin and quality of life growing by 10% annually?

You should be thriving in your chosen career, refining the skills you have, acquiring new abilities, expanding your horizons, honing your talents. You should have the energy and imagination to constantly further your career with fresh, original ideas. Proportionally, your income, bank balance, and investments portfolio should be expanding too.

Examine you current circumstances carefully; is that what you see happening? Are there Wealth Blocks in your way?

Here’s a simple tool to give you an idea of where you stand:

(Please use numerical valuesand avoid commas.)
Your yearly income right now should be: ?

The answer is straightforward: If your life doesn’t match the picture we just described, you are not realizing your full potential. If your life isn’t the best it could be, it can be better, and even better still.

Who says money can’t buy happiness?

Think about it, is your job eating up all of your time? Do you come back home too tired to do anything, to spend quality time with your family or pursue the leisure activities you enjoy?

People with large incomes can afford to manage their time how they want. They aren’t oppressed by unsatisfying jobs, unpaid mortgages, and overdue bills. They have the time and energy to dedicate to their loved ones and to do the things they love.

If you are short on time, money, and energy, then your Wealth Blocks are robbing you of the life you could have, of a life where you’re not being torn into a hundred pieces with nothing to show for it.

Ask yourself:

How many bad choices have you made in regard to money matters? How many hours of your life have you wasted in unsatisfying jobs? ‘Bet on the wrong horse’ in business decisions? Let fear stop you from seizing opportunities?

What have your Wealth Blocks really taken from you over the years?

You can stop yourself from making bad decisions, from investing time and money and not getting anything back, from wasting your life because you keep running into the same Blocks time and time again.

My mission is to help you get there – which is why...

I want to make my assistance as accessible as I can

The first people to benefit from the “Master’s Solutions Set: Open your Mind to the Universe of Wealth” had to pay the sum of $1785.

This is a limited offer, and a unique opportunity for you.

The usual cost for the ‘Master’s Solutions’ purchased through the website is $520.

Here alone, you have the chance to access the same content, and to have the same spiritual experience given in the original package, for the reduced price of $88.88.

Not only that, but you will also receive an exclusive bonus worth $230!

Remember that Successful people invest in themselves and their education, and although usually it takes years for them to see the results of their efforts, ‘Master’s Solutions’ has an immediate effect.

Will you let this opportunity slip away?

I want to help as many people like you as possible, so that together we can bring our world into a new age of spiritual awakening.

Even though it costs a fraction of the usual price, “Master’s Solutions Set: Open your Mind to the Universe of Wealth” is unabridged. It faces the same problems, offers the same solutions, and is just as effective. And it is now within anyone’s means simply because this edition doesn’t require a face-to-face approach.

I could have priced it at the original $520, brought it down to $400 or $220, but I want it to be affordable for you, and so the price now is merely $88.88.

Imagine bending reality to your will and manifesting your energy as Wealth.

That magic instinct that some people seem to have, the instinct that steers them away from mistakes and towards fantastic successes, the instinct that gives them the confidence to make decisions and stick to them; that instinct isn’t magic. The “Master’s Solutions Set: Open your Mind to the Universe of Wealth” can teach you this mythical ‘sixth sense’, it’s simply a question of mastering your subconscious.

Perhaps $88.88 still seems like a risky investment... I promise you that the technique will awaken your business acumen; you will gain the insight and infallible judgment you couldn’t have dreamt of; and you will make this sum back within the very first month. Just imagine, for the rest of your life you will be one of those people who seem to make money like magic.

Tackling all of the problems in your life

I only started reading “Master’s Solutions” last week, I can’t believe how quickly things started happening for me once you helped me clear the space occupied by negativity. It helped me see who and what was draining my strength, where my energy was being wasted. As soon as I cleared the blocks holding it back I discovered power inside myself that I didn’t think I had, and abundance came flowing in as soon as I made room for it. I can’t describe how wonderful it’s been.

Just today, I got a cheque for some dividends; it was four times bigger than usual. I wasn’t expecting that at all, it hasn’t even been a week since our session. Over the weekend I’d put together a plan listing everything I wanted to change, rather than trying to fight things one at a time like usual. I wanted an upgrade in my workplace, my house, my car. I wanted my health to improve, to get better at aiki-do, to finish and publish my book, to have more money; all of this went into my sixty-day plan.

Tamara, WA

Unexpected Income Just 4 Days After Implementation of Master’s Solutions

Only four days after “ Master’s Solutions” helped me open up to new wealth flowing in, money started finding me by itself, out of the blue, I’m already $2,538.00 richer than I was, completely unexpectedly!

I have no doubt that I have your course to thank for everything. I’m not just grateful for my income increasing, but for the life force you helped me find and redirect. I know that now things will keep getting better and better, because I have the power to make it happen. Thank you, thank you for everything!

- Michael K., Texas

“Master’s Solutions Set” Triple Guarantee

I have total confidence in my method, and to share that confidence with you, I give a three-step Guarantee.

1. Excellence.

The Set is meticulously planned, organized, and designed. Every technique has been carefully developed, honed and improved over a long time. Every word of “Master’s Solutions” was crafted to speak to you as an individual. To date, the method has helped over forty five thousand people.

2. The Outcome.

“Master’s Solutions Set: Open your Mind to the Universe of Wealth” will start acting quickly. Your attitude towards money matters will become healthier. Inspired ideas will start to bud. Fortuitous chance will act to your benefit. These changes will take deeper root and grow, freeing you from debt, increasing your income, and advance your career.

3. Improvement in life circumstances.

“Master’s Solutions Set: Open your Mind to the Universe of Wealth” can give you that ‘gold finger’ you didn’t think you could have. Does your life look like dull and leaden? You can make it shine. And once you have mended your own financial situation, you can use your prosperity to affect your environment in a positive way.

My word of honor is iron. If for some highly implausible reason you find that “Master’s Solutions Set: Open your Mind to the Universe of Wealth” disappoints one of my three guarantees in any way, just get in touch with me by email. I promise you a full refund, should you want one, within 60 days of the commencement of the course.

The road to a life of Wealth starts with a decision.

A new break full of prospects is now within you reach, will you grab it?

Do you choose to triumph over your Wealth Blocks and conquer happiness for yourself, your loved ones, and those around you?

Do you choose to let this opportunity pass you by, and continue to live your life under the weight of financial problems where success is always out of reach, and you never discover what you might have achieved without the burden of your Blocks? In these uncertain times, anyone’s fate could easily take a turn for the worse. Anyone could lose their job, any business could suddenly fail. How will you protect yourself from the cosmic forces which twist people’s lives unless you learn how to channel your energy into manifesting the reality YOU want?

This could be the crossroads where your life changes forever. If you’re prepared to take this first step, I will be there to guide you the rest of the way.


Master’s Solutions Set: Open your mind to Universe Wealth with Master

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Frequently Asked Questions


Q. “How quickly will my life start to change?”

A. The method is specifically designed to start acting quickly. You won’t need to toil for weeks on end without seeing results. As soon as you apply the first step of “Master’s Solutions” a Wealth Block will be removed, and you will struggle to even remember the harmful influence it had over your life. You will see the positive results immediately, and the effect will only get stronger as time passes.

Q. “Is it possible that we all have the same Wealth Blocks? What if this doesn’t help me?”

A. Every single one of us has heard myths such as “money is the root of all evil”. Everyone has heard it repeated time and time again in different ways, in different places, from different sources. Your life is unique to you alone, but we all share the same factors at the root of our problems. The “Masters Solutions” method eradicated the causes of Wealth Blocks in more than 45,000 people. These people were just like you, just like me. We are all different, but the essence of our problems is the same. I promise you.

Q. “I barely have enough time in the day as it is, how am I going to make room for 24 ‘Master’s Solutions’?”

A. Each and every “Master’s Solution” is an independent part of a coherent whole. Each one is aimed at a specific Wealth Block. You only need small segments of time to do a bit of reading, when you can. The method isn’t about rushing towards your goals at top speed, but about making sure that you solve your issues in your own time, giving them exactly as much attention as they need.

Q. “‘Master’s Solutions Set’ might be much more affordable, but could the result be as powerful as the live sessions version?”

A. “Master’s Solutions Set” has been reincarnated in many different editions. In every one it helped thousands to free themselves from Wealth Blocks; I’ve watched it happen time after time. The fact that it is not a live session might mean that I can’t answer your questions as soon as they occur to you, but it also means that you can take your time going through the material. “Masters of the Universe” has a strong online presence, we are a community, and you can become a member. Furthermore, you can contact me by email with any questions. In short, there’s no reason for the technique to be any less effective.

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