Where to start

Please proceed TO START page here

How to start

Follow instructions on TO START page and read 4 processors: Clap, Merge, Hoppo and Execute it. You do not need to understand it, your sub conscious mind make it for you, thus just read it.

When to start

Perhaps something has started to happen in your life since you saw my message. You need to Start the technique right now, so that the coming changes will not hurt you.

I do not have time to practice Master’s Solutions technique

You just need to read Clap, Merge, Hoppo and Execute it. It takes less than 40 minutes. You will get 4 cue words. The magic cue word will neutralize and eliminate the emotional charge in your subconscious mind, thus removing the problem. Your subconscious mind will do all the work for you in automatic regime.

I do not have money to pay for Master’s Solutions

You need to start from the beginning and work your way along with free solutions. Money will appear accordingly to your progress.

It does not work. It is so good to be true. it is impossible etc.

Everything is possible. You just need to start it.

How to check that my problem is gone?

This technique can help you get results very quickly. The initial effects will be evident in your physical state, vision, and relationships with people, your community, and universe in just a few days. The long-term effect will require the systematic, continued, and consistent use of the technique. How will you know that your treatment has been successful?

  • Since the body is the manifestation of the mind on a physical level, you will experience a physical shift: tension will be reduced or eliminated and physical symptoms will recede.
  • You will feel lighter
  • Your attitude will change since you will have a clearer vision of reality
  • You will no longer be troubled
We use Kinesiology to check the problem elimination. We strongly believe in training clients to treat themselves. We want them to be free and to be empowered to optimally guide and direct their own lives.

Master’s Solutions: What You Can Effectively Treat?

Master’s Solutions can treat most any problem addressed in the various energy therapies or in any psychological treatment method. When combined with insight, experience, and practice, you can do amazing things with Master’s Solutions. Again, with persistence, clear intention, and commitment to your own well being, you can do some wonderful things for yourself and others with Master’s Solutions. Please check the Catalogue to learn more about problems that can be treated by Master’s Solutions. I know that this seems "too good to be true." But, for many years now, people all over the world and I have achieved remarkable results in all of these areas of treatment. Master’s Solutions work this way because we are made this way. I have treated all kinds of people from age 18 on up. Master’s Solutions technique is remarkably easy that you can learn to do for yourself that will help you virtually eliminate any kind of discomfort that has an emotional base. You don't have to believe in the technique for it to work and you don't have to be able to describe, in detail, the nature of your discomfort. You just have to know that something isn't right. And you don't have to relive old traumas or work through or re-experience old negative emotions. Simply noticing a problem and using the automatic Master’s Solution technique eliminate the problem. So you don't have to "cope with it" in the future. It's just gone!

Theory behind it

The Master’s Solution is a latest modality of EFT, BSFF and GP techniques. Master’s Solution is based on the theory that your subconscious mind is your faithful servant. It does whatever you tell it to do. And what you are going to tell it is to use a simple cue word to eliminate all of the roots of whatever problems you treat.

Master’s Solutions And Other Techniques

This comparison of Master’s Solutions and other energy therapies will help you see why Master’s Solutions can do such fast and thorough treatment. With Master’s Solutions there are no physical movements, such as tapping on various acupuncture points on the body, which requires time and remembering treatment sequences. Also, Master’s Solutions works specifically and intentionally at the basic root cause level of problems, that is, the subconscious mind programming that continually interferes with effective and comfortable living.
A significant advantage of Master’s Solutions technique is that it recognizes the foundational place of the subconscious in determining our experience. The subconscious can and does control the "energy systems" of the body. The subconscious does this according to whatever has been programmed into it. This mental mechanism can be instructed to affect the energy systems. I have demonstrated that I can "balance" my meridians by simply using my Master’s Solution cue plus my conscious intention for my subconscious to bring my meridians into balance.
Amazing? Not really. We are simply made this way. This realization has led to this remarkably simple, user-friendly, and highly efficient method to eliminate psychological problems and personal limitations very easily, gently, and thoroughly.
Now, here are some major features of Master’s Solutions compared to other approaches in the "energy psychology" genre.
Master’s Solutions

  • Uses thought energy and intention
  • Psychodynamic orientation
  • Explicitly treats deepest levels of Psyche (subconscious mind)
  • Easy to learn and apply in every day life situations
  • No tapping required
  • Minimal catharsis or abreaction (emotions treated instantly)
  • Thoroughly eliminates unforgiveness
  • Directly treats Post-Traumatic Stress (PTS) factors
  • Can even eliminate doubts about Master’s Solutions effectiveness that can interfere with actual use of this remarkably simple method
  • Can often treat multiple problems simultaneously

Other Energy Therapies

  • Symptom orientation
  • Minimal focus on vital subconscious dynamics
  • Multiple algorithms(treatment sequences)
  • Rigorous & complex tapping
  • Clients less likely to use in their daily life
  • Abreaction's and catharsis more likely

Master’s Solutions Theory

This set of principles underlying the foundation of Master’s Solutions will give you more understanding of how and why Master’s Solutions technique works so well. Understanding and incorporating all these concepts and theoretical principles is essential to effective treatment.

  • Problems are caused by combination of unresolved emotions and beliefs.
  • Thoughts, feelings, and behaviors are controlled and limited by subconscious programming.
  • Beliefs determine the purpose, timing, duration, and frequency of psychological symptoms and behaviors.
  • Thorough treatment of all relevant problems in issues is crucial. Dysfunctional belief systems and emotional roots must be eliminated (not merely alleviated) in order to achieve lasting psychological freedom.
  • A complete history of all psychological issues is recorded in the subconscious mind.
  • The subconscious mind is our "faithful servant."
  • Subconscious information can be accurately accessed through skillful use of muscle testing, intuition & clinical insights.
  • Conscious identification of a problem is not necessary for effective treatment. Notice it—treat it!
  • Every specific problem, including psychological reversals, can be eliminated instantly with the same simple algorithm (treatment procedure).
  • Master’s Solutions can effectively treat every psychological, physical, or spiritual problem that has emotional roots.

For each specific problem there are typically between 700 to 2,000 unresolved emotional root experiences combined with a belief system. Each experience may have one or more negative emotions accompanying it. Each Master’s Solutions treatment sequence simultaneously eliminates all of these emotional roots and the corresponding belief system for each problem. Thus, the symptom is completely eliminated!
An emotional root is a single experience that contains unresolved negative emotions (variations of sadness, fear, or anger) that have been stored in the subconscious mind. Emotional roots eventually become attached to a belief system. The belief system, which is embedded in the person's subconscious mind, then determines the timing, intensity, duration, purpose and effect of a specific symptom, problem behavior, or negative experience.
Many treatment issues may have multiple problems (also called aspects.) Therefore, each specific problem (a set of emotional roots and a belief) must be eliminated with just one Master’s Solution treatment. In some cases, several individual problems can be eliminated simultaneously with a single Master’s Solution treatment.
Occasionally some problem may return. However, it is just as quickly eliminated with the same Master’s Solutions treatment. That problem is then much less likely to return again.

Compatibility with Other Psychotherapies

Master’s Solutions can effectively enhance the counseling process in conjunction with any other psychotherapy method. It can be easily integrated into any conventional treatment methodology to streamline and enhance the effectiveness of treatment of most diagnoses encountered in therapy.
Master’s Solution skillfully accomplishes the essential therapeutic requirement of eliminating the negative emotions and beliefs that typically impede or prevent lasting progress in psychotherapy and counseling. Also, the person's energy that was bound up in each problem, is now free to be used elsewhere within the person's system.
This new freedom reduces the need for learning better coping skills. When the problem is eliminated, it no longer requires coping skills and energy to manage it. Then the therapist can more quickly and effectively help the client with the third major component of therapy--that of learning more skillful and effective living skills in the previously limiting areas of his or her life, e.g., relationship, learning, conflict resolution, and problem solving skills.
The basic Master’s Solutions procedure works quite well; and, it takes only few seconds to complete. Master’s Solutions technique requires no tapping and no affirmations. It utilizes a powerful characteristic of the person's "faithful servant" (subconscious mind). The subconscious mind does the entire treatment automatically when the person consciously and intentionally cues it to do so.
Every client is taught this procedure as the method of choice because it is so simple to understand and to use, independently, in everyday life. This helps assure that people will actually use it to help themselves to be FREE. It is also very simple to teach to their friends and family.
Master’s Solution treatments can be used silently. Only a single, instant treatment is needed to eliminate all of the emotional roots and the belief system of each individual problem. This is in contrast to the other Energy Therapies that utilize multiple, and often quite complex, treatment sequences along with various verbalizations, and which are much more difficult for the client to learn and apply.
The Master’s Solutions System also includes an elegant method for embedding new, functional programs into the subconscious mind. This combination of procedures for eliminating problems, resolving unforgiveness, and instilling desired new programming into the subconscious mind make Master’s Solutions total, comprehensive system for rapidly enhancing every aspect of human functioning and the enjoyment of life.


We guarantee that if you follow the instructions on To Start page, you will be satisfied with the results and know you have a tool that can serve you for the rest of your life. You will no longer be held down by a lot of old emotional baggage that you have been dragging along with you on your journey through life. You will be free to create a more meaningful, expressive and prosperous life.