Are you ready for World War III?

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Recently, during a coaching session with one of my clients, I noticed that he was completely depleted of energy. As we delved deeper into the issue, it became apparent that the draining effect was a result of the manipulation tactics employed by mass media regarding the Israeli-Arab conflict. Despite my client's understanding of the impact of fast dopamine and social media on one's opinions and energy levels, he still fell victim to this manipulation.

So, what should you know about modern manipulation?
1. We are currently amidst a World War III, where the battleground is not physical violence against other nationalities or races. Gone are the days of machine guns and bombs; now, all it takes is the strategic dissemination of news when your mind is most unsafe. For instance, there is an abundance of fake news circulating about children's bodies without heads, aimed at shocking and manipulating individuals. This serves as a new form of information bomb, designed to make you sick and prompt impulsive actions.
2. If your mind remains closed to such manipulation tactics, the intensity of the shock will be heightened until your mind becomes receptive to new information. Once you start reacting, you will be fed a curated set of information to validate your decision-making process. However, this validation is skewed towards those who seek to control your actions.
The gentle creatures do not realize that this action was not an excess, but a clear and sober calculation of highly professional people (people?). These people in the capitals of neighboring countries knew that the severed head is a very precise video content: it is guaranteed to be watched with pleasure in culturally close regions, and will be get an highly negative reaction in so-called "civilized" countries. The authors of this action accurately calculated that their supporters will be satisfied with the level of atrocity, and white useful idiots will pretend that nothing happened. And as we can see, their calculation is 100% justified.
3. You are up against highly skilled professionals in fields such as psychology, anthropology, ethnology, linguistics, screenwriting, director, and filmmaking. These experts work tirelessly to create additional neural connections in your mind, exploiting your vulnerabilities. You may believe that you can resist their influence or remain unaffected by it. However, these informational bombs infiltrate your subconscious mind, eventually leading to anxiety and stress seemingly without cause.
It is crucial for you to be aware of these manipulative tactics employed by mass media. By understanding the mechanisms at play, you can better protect mental well-being and make conscious decisions.
4. You may also have an illusion that digital hygiene will help you. Well, It may reduce the intensity of it, however, if you're honest to yourself, you will see the new neuron network with a letters "WAR" in your brain. Remember that the bombs in your brain are exploded by highly professional people, relying on vast knowledge in the field of social psychology, ethnology and cultural studies, neuroscience and other systemic knowledge, extremely cynically using you as objects of manipulation for the purpose of control. To lose freedom and clarity of thinking under the blows of specially-targeted propaganda is a very simple.

However, you can use the subconscious mind as a powerful instrument and eliminate all the triggers that used by mass-media professionals to manage you. I recommend to start with Master's Solution: Remove roots of manipulation

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