Do you want to lead the Master’s peer group?

Masters are growing the community of like-minded people. Now, we developing the network of peer-groups and it gives to you the opportunity: • Leverage experience and skills to help businesses thrive • Grow your business while growing others • Achieve work-life balance • Manage Peer Group Dynamics • Empower Your Peers • Accountability, you’ll check and see your own subconscious blind spots and situations that requires more attention from your side. • To become an affiliate or join Master’s franchising program. Masters will provide you with a unique opportunity – to build and lead the peer group in your community. Would you be interested to lead the peer group and help other people in developing themselves? Please send the following information to 1. Name 2. Location/Time zone 3. Number of completed Master’s solutions 4. Coaching experience (years and number of people) 5. Website/Media 6. LinkedIn (Facebook) 7. Languages you’ll manage your group