Exclusive coaching program "From an idea to $7.5 million in 3 years with the power of subconsciousness":


Exclusive coaching program "From an idea to $7.5 million in 3 years with the power of subconsciousness":
1. How to reboot the matrix and to see promising opportunities in the new paradigm of reality:
- How to learn to see new earning opportunities in a new reality paradigm.
- The possibilities of the subconscious mind or why "The Secret" didn't reveal the secret.
- How to use the subconscious mind as the most powerful resource for generating cash flow.
- Instructions for the subconscious mind. Processors and Master's Solutions.
2. Cash flow and sales blocks:
- Where do money blocks and clamps come from. What are their components? What are root episodes and how to work out them?
- Processing childhood and parental blocks.
- Processing of behavioral patterns.
- Processing fears of "being without money", concepts of "money is not for us", stereotypes, etc.
3. How to increase the energy level:
- Elimination of energy leaks;
- The ups and downs of the energy potential. The energetic practices and sniper's affirmations;
- Why you should do rather than say;
- Total relaxation of the mind and body with subconscious instructions. Master's Solution: Auto-Reiki.
4. Increasing the concentration of consciousness on income:
- How anxiety and stress affect concentration in cash generation;
- The use of meditations, Master's Solutions and processors for the concentration of consciousness;
- How motivation and intention work in reality.

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I'm a very successful businessman in the corporate world. To be exact, recently my startup fules24.com get evaluation at $7.5 mln.  I was a CEO working at a leading energy middle-market investment bank. I raised capital and bought middle-market energy businesses on a daily basis. One day an unseen force pushed me to pause and examine my life and career. I wondered, what is actually important to me? What, if anything, do I really enjoy about mergers and acquisitions? Then, the voices of the Universe called to me and showed me that these questions were about much more than just myself. I realised that what I loved most was guiding, encouraging, and supporting people, showing them how to be the best they could be. I felt the light of the universe filling me with a sense of purpose. I realised that this was more than my goal in life, I understood that I had been given a sacred mission on Earth. I was shown the pain, the suffering the entirety of the unrealised potential amongst us. I saw the full oppressive strength of our social preconditioning, I saw us struggle and toil in hate, jealousy and greed in vain. I had awoken and seen clearly that I must be a guide, a friend, a master, that I had the power and the duty to show people the true way of awareness and conscious being. I had to show people the sacredness within themselves which they couldn’t find on their own. I decided to redirect all of my time and energy to focus on sharing the wisdom I’d acquired. I decided to help people develop their potential fully, to teach them the life lessons they needed to learn in order to achieve their dreams. I knew I had to help you get the life you deserve.

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