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Exclusive coaching program "From an idea to $7.5 million in 3 years with the power of subconsciousness": 1. How to reboot the matrix and to see promising opportunities in the new paradigm of reality: - How to learn to see new earning opportunities in a new reality paradigm. - The possibilities of the subconscious mind or why "The Secret" didn't reveal the secret. - How to use the subconscious mind as the most powerful resource for generating cash flow. - Instructions for the subconscious mind. Processors and Master's Solutions. 2. Cash flow and sales blocks: - Where do money blocks and clamps come from. What are their components? What are root episodes and how to work out them? - Processing childhood and parental blocks. - Processing of behavioral patterns. - Processing fears of "being without money", concepts of "money is not for us", stereotypes, etc. 3. How to increase the energy level: - Elimination of energy leaks; - The ups and downs of the energy potential. The energetic practices and sniper's affirmations; - Why you should do rather than say; - Total relaxation of the mind and body with subconscious instructions. Master's Solution: Auto-Reiki. 4. Increasing the concentration of consciousness on income: - How anxiety and stress affect concentration in cash generation; - The use of meditations, Master's Solutions and processors for the concentration of consciousness; - How motivation and intention work in reality.

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