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I concede that it is important for you to understand the changes that AI will bring. If it's not important, don't continue reading.

First, the development of AI is killing the way we do business. Take, for example, Procter & Gamble, the company that uses primitive "happy picture" motivation in TV ads to implant the benefits of its detergents in its customers. When each and every washing machine will be equipped with AI module, it will contact the distributor directly, asking for suitable chemical formula and price, rather to make an emotional purchase in the supermarket.

Second, when I ask AI installed in search engine to find me the best gadget with the most powerful processor, it shows me Redmi, that is two much more powerful than IPhone. No doubt, it will destroy the whole marketing industry and the way we do shopping.
We certainly don't know exactly what will happen and when. We can only speak in terms of opportunities and threats. Or, more accurately, in terms of the advantages we can gain immediately. All of us are in competition.
Entrepreneurs compete for customers, and employees compete both with their peers and with 100000000 challengers to their sweet spot, including agents built on existing language models.
They compete with coworkers for promotion, bonuses, an interesting project, attention from a boss, prospects. Finally, for being the one to make sure that you, yes, yes, you are not the one who gets fired in the next restructuring or takeover. Oops, but this shit happens regularly here in the real world.
The EU bombed Intel for $400 million dollars for using unfair competition practices (Bullshit! Business is a deadly war, competition can't be fair. VCs directly ask startups - what REAL advantage do you have, by the way?). Intel will pay, it's not a lot of money for them, but you have to get it from somewhere. Obviously, they won't fire leading engineers, but they can easily cut various marketing and support staff, or somehow improve the efficiency of business processes. Considering that they are already being squeezed from all sides by AMD and NVIDIA in the sweetest segments.
Do you understand my simple idea?

Even now, job seekers have started to write in their resumes in large numbers, saying "I know how to use AI and chatGPT", and vacancies have started to appear in which companies directly specify who they want. Not so many yet, but!  We're already well fed? Enough for our age?
As artificial intelligence (AI) continues to evolve and become more advanced, it poses a grave threat to the livelihoods of business people. The potential consequences are downright terrifying.
One of the most significant threats from AI is the possibility of becoming utterly useless in the workforce. With AI being able to perform tasks at a faster and more efficient rate than humans, it's only a matter of time before certain jobs become obsolete. This could lead to countless individuals being left jobless and struggling to put food on the table.
Another heart-wrenching threat from AI is the potential loss of jobs and businesses. As AI becomes more prevalent in industries such as manufacturing and transportation, there is a risk that many jobs may be replaced by machines. This could also lead to businesses closing down, leaving countless families without a source of income.
It's time to face the harsh reality that AI poses an existential threat to our careers and businesses. We must stay informed about the advancements in technology and how they may impact our lives. Only by being proactive and adapting to these changes can we hope to survive in an ever-evolving marketplace. The stakes are high, and we cannot afford to ignore this issue any longer.
So my challenge to you … if you choose to accept it… is this: Go spend a day (or more) in nature reflecting on the following:
🧠 Your Conscious Subjective Experience - AI systems do not have inner conscious experiences like we do. There is no internal sense of "what it is like" to be an AI.
🤗 Your Emotions - AI systems do not feel emotions like love, joy, sadness, anger. They may be programmed to mimic emotions, but do not subjectively feel them.
Your Creativity - While AIs can generate art, music, and more, true human creativity stems from our life experiences and emotional understanding of the world. AI "creativity" is limited in this regard.
☠ Your Mortality - Humans have an innate understanding and fear of our own mortality that shapes our experience. AIs do not contemplate their own existence in this way.
🥅 - Your Intrinsic Meaning & Purpose - Humans search for meaning and purpose in their lives. AIs operate based on programmed goals, but do not seek deeper meaning for their own existence.
Your Interpersonal Relationships - Humans form deep social and emotional bonds. While AIs can interact, they cannot form the multifaceted social connections humans do.
Your Free Will - AI systems ultimately operate based on their programming, while humans have a hope of free will and choice over our actions.

Finally, the most important competitive advantage is that your subconscious creates the future, while AI is just an advanced compiler of the information contained in the Internet. You already know that your subconscious mind creates situations based on emotionally charged episodes in your life (and in your past lives, if you wish). It accumulates, memorizes, stores and process huge amount of information that you receive through seeing, hearing, feeling, tasting and smelling. Despite the fact that we're about 10 milliseconds late in our vision of reality, we can react quickly and, in most cases, appropriately. So we already have the implanted instrument with an almost unlimited capacity that not only stays in line with AI, but also creates your future. If you want to know more about this incredible instrument and how to use it, you're welcome to my personal coaching session.
Thus, how can you compete with AI?

By tapping into the power of the subconscious mind. By developing skills such as intuition, creativity, and the ability to process vast amounts of information, you can come up with innovative solutions and make better decisions than AI in certain areas. Master's Solutions Technique can help you train and hone the subconscious mind, giving a competitive edge over AI. By leveraging the strengths of both the conscious and subconscious minds, you can stay ahead of the game and continue to thrive in an increasingly AI-driven world.

Here below is the list of chosen Master's Solutions:
Series Processing of the Mind: Mind Power
Fears, myths, superstitions about money
Suppressed emotions release: automatic purification of Manipura chakra
Job finding, fears to be fired
Elimination of mass phobias
Eliminate Apocalyptiphobia

Of course, this is your choice to take the action and to develop you subconscious mind skills, but this new technology revolution is already changing our lives and businesses.
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I'm a very successful businessman in the corporate world. To be exact, recently my startup fuels24.com get evaluation at $7.5 mln.  I was a CEO working at a leading energy middle-market investment bank. I raised capital and bought middle-market energy businesses on a daily basis. One day an unseen force pushed me to pause and examine my life and career. I wondered, what is actually important to me? What, if anything, do I really enjoy about mergers and acquisitions? Then, the voices of the Universe called to me and showed me that these questions were about much more than just myself. I realised that what I loved most was guiding, encouraging, and supporting people, showing them how to be the best they could be. I felt the light of the universe filling me with a sense of purpose. I realised that this was more than my goal in life, I understood that I had been given a sacred mission on Earth. I was shown the pain, the suffering the entirety of the unrealised potential amongst us. I saw the full oppressive strength of our social preconditioning, I saw us struggle and toil in hate, jealousy and greed in vain. I had awoken and seen clearly that I must be a guide, a friend, a master, that I had the power and the duty to show people the true way of awareness and conscious being. I had to show people the sacredness within themselves which they couldn’t find on their own. I decided to redirect all of my time and energy to focus on sharing the wisdom I’d acquired. I decided to help people develop their potential fully, to teach them the life lessons they needed to learn in order to achieve their dreams. I knew I had to help you get the life you deserve.