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Hi, my name is Gleb Zamyatin and I’m helping the people to release the power of subconsciousness and make more money.
I was the CEO of an investment banking boutique for more than 10 years, working mainly in origination. I realized that about 80% of the most profitable deals were filtered out by the subconscious and 15% of deal was blocked by fears, concepts, resentment and stereotypes on conscious level. When I started to use the power of subconsciousness, I made enough money to quit my job and move to Bali in just 3 years.
I also become the founder of energy startup that growth from 0 to $7,5 mln in just 3 years.
Now I'm working as an executive coach with entrepreneurs, founders and investors to help them increase their income, eliminate stress, hate, anger and fear, and live more fulfilling lives using internally built AI.
Please answer this question: Would you be interested if there was a way to improve your future life with just a few lessons? A method that holds the secret to achieving your goals?
Thus: download this PDF with simple instruction for your subconsciousness, which we used everyday with top entrepreneurs, founders, investor and, futurists.
+ Besides that, you will get deep inside analysis of your personal cash flow blocks and I’ll show you how to create instructions for subconsciousness that double your cash flows.
Purchased the 'Open Your Mind to Universal Wealth' a couple of months ago and it is working. It started out in small ways, i.e., activities falling into place, unexpected discounts on services/products, and just received a very nice increase in pay at my p-t employment - looking for it to work in other areas as well, and it will
Kathryn Landis, Chicago, USA

I am absolutely blown away by the Master's Solution Set: Open your mind to the Universe of Wealth! This program has truly opened my eyes to the incredible power of manifestation and abundance.

Since starting this program, I have experienced some truly amazing things. For example, out of the blue, an airline contacted me to offer a refund for a flight I had taken months earlier. I also received a surprise discount on my internet connection from my provider. These unexpected blessings just seemed to fall into my lap!

But that's not all. I recently had lunch with a potential client from Colombia who happened to be in Paris the same day I was. Not only did we hit it off and form a great business relationship, but I also found 70 euros on the street that day! It was like the universe was conspiring to bring me wealth and abundance in every way possible.

I cannot recommend the Master's Solution Set: Open your mind to the Universe of Wealth enough. If you're ready to manifest abundance and live your best life, this program is an absolute must-have. Thank you!
Master's Solution Set is really changing my life!

Arnaud, Paris, France
I was looking for an effective way to release blocks to money.  Master's Solutions gave me more relief from money issues than any other method I have used.  It really changed my life.

Barbara.G. Reynolds, NY, USA
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