How to eliminate the Fear of Change

Fear of Change has many negative aspects in life. These include all of the following: 1. Makes a bad relationship, 2. Makes a person a slave in an endless habit of killing himself. 3. Quit your creativity, 4. Letting go of feelings of helplessness in the face of the wishes and expectations of others. 5. Being in prison and doing work that hurts the heart and soul, 6. Quells his appetite for life. 7. Leads to frustration, despair and depression, and last but not least. 8. Leads to abandoning life itself.

Interestingly, how many times have you heard yourself or others say things like, fear of change is subconsciously protecting me ? Well, if that is true, it follows that if you carry something "on board" that protects you in this way, you will not only have yourself to try new things, situations, habits, etc., but it will end. makes you confident, stress free, and able to develop your life to the fullest as you wish.

But isn't that how it is? If so, you wouldn't be interested in this article because it wouldn't be interested in you, would you? The fact that you are reading this shows that you already know that fear of change is ruining your life. Maybe you're also realizing that the "mindset" you've bought into doesn't support the truth about the dangers of change happening in your life.

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