Master's approach to personal growth

A crisis always creates new opportunities. Difficulties are an exam, a way to understand that you can do something faster and better. Growth is not about the right processes, but about the additional 14 eyes and 18 ears that we have. It's about the extra 12 hands and 34 hours in a day that we have, but that's not what we know. Growth isn't about balance; it's about fall into the abyss. Of course, all of this is solely my experience. Good for those who have it easy and simple. Reply to me – what is work for you.😍 Someone wrote like, "Yeah, but you have to manage the risk...don't do stupid things...". Growth is when we CANNOT manage risk, and when we have to do things that everyone else thinks are stupid, and there's no one to help. At this point we start to learn, we start to ask ourselves the right questions. Everyone who grew up, without exception, 100% went through a crisis, debt, bankruptcy, cash flow, uncertainty, and the threat of losing everything. There is no one who has accomplished anything and hasn't gone through assholes, taken risks, crossed the line, walked the edge. There isn't. And if it seems that you go to workshops, MBA, any kind of study - how to get ahead cleanly, without dirtying their hands and quietly, but do not have illusions. Everything has a price, and everyone will pay it. Like Tom Ford said - don't ask me how I made my first million. It's like giving birth to a baby - you have to give a birth. You can't push it back in, time has come. And you also have a chance to die.