Master's Solution: Eliminate suffering - your painkiller

What is scary about their own feelings? It is the truth about themselves. When alone with oneself, when nothing can distract one, they delve into what is inside of them. Then they begin to realize that they are overwhelmed with pain. They will have to relive all the pain they have experienced throughout their life, starting from conception. They will even recognize the pain that was not experienced by them, but by all those who lived in their lineage and were involved with their ancestors. This amount of pain is beyond the capacity of the common person born in a consumer society. Consumers consume to wall off their feelings from themselves. Feelings concreted under a layer of consumed goods and services degrade their bearer from within and still make them suffer. Those who run away from their feelings become weaklings and pawns in the hands of marketing tycoons. People do not want strength. They want the certainty that tomorrow will be satiated and pain-free. Pain comes as a consequence of denying what is. The more pain a person has, the more they live like an unconscious child who has decided to hide from life under a blanket. It may seem warm and cozy under the blanket, but there is little opportunity, and one constantly needs those outside to keep them safe. One has to pay them, of course, either with money or attention, but the child is better off that way. Under the blanket, one can dream of power, fame, success, and beautiful love. But all these dreams float over the blanket like clouds in a distant blue sky. Then, into their little space under the blanket, the child brings everything that can help them avoid the frustration and pain of losing their dreams. Under the blanket, one turns to food, entertainment, alcohol, and other pain pills. People do not like pain. They love to dream. They love to fool themselves and avoid their pain. As long as there is avoidance of what is, there will never be what is wanted. Simply because the pain will be held in the place and time when it first arose, until it is acknowledged and stopped with Masters Solution: : Eliminate suffering.