Master's Solution: Love

Is your partner satisfying you? Do you feel your strong "addiction" before, but you don't understand why? How do you break emotional dependence on your ex? Are you repeating the same mistakes in your relationship with your new partner? How long does your orgasm last? How to use the Sub Consciousness Mind to bring you happiness and harmony? Schopenhaeur said that falling in love is a "blind instinct" in us - love is the key element that binds men and women together. Love in our mind is magical, sweet, exciting and a symbol of happiness. But we don't know that these feelings are connected to love in general. When humans can experience positive emotions from things, we experience satisfaction. And satisfaction is what keeps our desires alive. It is natural, and we are slaves to our own instincts and desires. Love is, besides emotion, judgment. It is a person who judges another person to give an emotional response. The same goes for hatred, reverence, admiration, respect, hatred, enmity... Attachment leads to possessions: my husband, my wife, my friends, my family. Have you noticed that we can't own people if you believe in slavery? Having authority leads to Fear of losing, false love due to fear, over-protection, envy, jealousy, or even feelings: I can't live without him/her/my car / my job / my jewelry / my music. ... - "Love and attachment involve waves of emotions, often creating invisible iron chains. " Exaggeration and speculation are the main reasons why ordinary love leads to disappointment. To prove this, a few words from Mr. Scott Peck in "Simple Love": “The myth of romantic love is a terrible lie. Perhaps it is an important lie that it gives the experience of "falling in love" that identifies us in the trap of marriage. But as a psychiatrist, I weep in my heart almost every day for the terrible chaos and suffering this myth causes. Millions of people are looking forward to wasting a lot of energy trying to reconcile the reality of their lives with the unreality of the myth." Love is the crux of many people in the organization of marriages, relationships and commitments, for the reason that it is no better than simple misery. Love is driven by lust, no matter how hard we try to regulate or "steal" it. You can spend 5 hours writing down the "necessary" qualities of a "partner", but all these qualities are meaningless if they don't involve sex. Schopenhauer believed that the truth was ugly. Marriage is a bond that binds couples together. Living as a married couple means reducing their rights and reducing their responsibilities. Having children will force couples to invest more effort and resources to take care of the family. Therefore, only a powerful force like Love can "cover" us, uniting men and women under one roof. When we find potential partners, we don't think about making babies with them, we think about love. It seems we have no choice but to fall in love and the illusion that love (which feels so good) will erase all the misery of married life and having children. In summary: our own projections, selfish expectations and exaggerated expressions of love are the basis for attachment, judgment and inevitable disappointment. The Master's Solution: Love works through relationships with loved ones, forgiveness, betrayal, judgment, anti-sexuality, morals and social purity. It will improve your relationship with your partner, enjoy sex and orgasm.