Process the roots of manipulation

Manipulation is a behavior designed to exploit, control, or otherwise influence others to one’s advantage. How do I get rid of manipulation completely? - is the wrong question. 1. The goal is not to get rid of it, but to treat it consciously: to recognize, to see, and to control any attempts of manipulation. It's called controlled stupidity - you have a choice - when YOU are comfortable you do what they want you to do, but when you are NOT comfortable you can change direction at any time. 2. You can also act, but not just to choose or to be aware. 88% of people are not conscious. 10% are aware, but can't choose. 2% are aware, and have choices, but can't exercise their choices. A tiny fraction can do anything. You can even play the idiot; such a role-playing is popular. Any manipulation is a communication, and it is always two-way. That means not only you can be manipulated, but you can also manipulate. 4. The one who has some mastery and realize manipulative triggers can see more levels and control the connection. BUT most of people or companies, bosses think they control manipulation. OK. Let them continue to think that way. 5. If you want to grow in the company - you don't have to leave the company, you have to learn to grow by managing those of whom your growth depends. If you break contact, communication, it's harder to manage. You should always keep contact - direct or indirect. Contact is the basis of management and the channel of power flow. 6. The key issue is learning to see manipulation. To learn to see all variants of mind manipulation, you must learn to manipulate the minds of others. If you want to learn how to defend yourself against the strike, you must first learn how to strike. 7. There are only those who understand and use MORE or LESS of manipulation and the rest of naive idiots who say - "That's low and mean, we'll never do that! We live by love, high spiritually and unselfishly!" Okay, let them talk. They will still obediently do what is required of them. 8. The point of manipulation is not to get people to do what you want them to do. It's about making them do what YOU want them to do, and making them pay YOU for having the opportunity to serve you. It's not easy to achieve, but we're here to learn and grow. Because the alternative is poor and degrading. 9. We are inside the game, and our mission to grow is to stop being just a personage, but become a player. I've been asked - what does "little soul" mean? It is someone who has chosen to remain a personage while having the opportunity to be a Player. 10. This world was created by the Players for the Players. All personages are expendable and a renewable resource.