Special Package on Eliminate Self-Sabotage

I know which traumas and behavioral patterns stay behind it and I know how to deal with them using the power of subconsciousness. Thus, I can offer you a simple package – you’ll get free 30 minutes introductory session and 4 Master’s Solutions: 1. Eliminate self-sabotage 2. Release of self-sabotage and kill the poverty inside yourself 3. Release of self-sabotage and self-negation in money concept 4. Elimination of procrastination For only US$ 49,99. I know exactly that these Master’s Solutions will have tremendous effect on self- sabotaging behavioral patterns, however, if these will not be enough – I’ll give you a customized personal session with 50% discount. Feel free to let me know about your time slots for introductory session or use my Calendly - https://calendly.com/7989347/30min