The Evolution of Consciousness and How The Master's Solutions Give You the Freedom of Choice

The degree of freedom depends on the development of the ability to be aware of what is happening. The evolution of our consciousness is to be aware of what is happening in the moment, to be present or, in other words, to give an account of what is happening. This is called being in the here and now. For example, you feel anger and you impartially give yourself an account of it, let your anger flow; you are jealous, you see it and you let those feelings be, experience them without trying to overcome or get rid of them.

In ordinary life, no man belongs to himself. I am referring to so-called normal people. Every person has blocks, fears, traumas, patterns of behavior, sub-personalities, finally. This is what we call "being human." In fact, as you can see, it is, in many ways, a dream state.

And it has to be accepted. You have to accept it, because there's no other way out. Either you try hard to resist it, attracting all kinds of lofty theories such as man is a crown of nature, and thus continue to fool yourself (or rather, they will fool you and lead you in circles), or you accept the status quo. And the status quo is that you automatically respond to whatever impulse comes into you, thanks to the programs that exist within you.

The only way out of this situation is to become aware, to become aware of what is happening, to be here and now. And then the freedom of choice appears. A choice appears when it is clearly visible what motivates you in this or that case. And it's you who makes the choice, not your sub-personalities. If you're in any kind of fear, any kind of block, if any kind of thought or sub-personality is possessing your consciousness, you see, there's no choice, it's just acting out the behavioral pattern that they carry within them. If you are in the opposite state, there is no freedom of choice here either-you too will be acting out a pattern of behavior, just a polar one. Freedom of choice only appears when you see both opposites.

One of my clients has realised that their level of help for other people exceeds 30% of his income, and puts his financial stability at risk. When we began to look into the roots of this problem, it became clear that during his years as an emergency doctor, the client had made the decision that no one will die in his shift. He had to spend his own money to buy medicine for patients. But one day, when they arrived on a call, they discovered a ten-year-old boy who had been run over by a heavy truck. He was still alive, without external injuries, and looked at the doctors with hope, but his internal organs were already non-functioning. The client called this condition seeing a "living dead". Consequently, for over 10 years he was in a semi-hypnotic state, transferring substantial funds to help others, in order not to see "living dead" again and not to break the promise to himself. Using the Master's Solutions, the roots of this situation were found and the client was able to work out his trauma and reduce his level of assistance to a safe level.

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