What's wrong with me? Why does everything turn out this way? Why can I never accomplish anything?

First of all, you are not doing what you need to do. Instead, you are doing things that lead nowhere, because your brain has been washed regarding your needs and goals, because... You are not the master of your own attention and time, because... You don't have conscious priorities, goals, plans, and the skill to achieve goals in the face of uncertainty and obstacles, and... You don't know what is worth knowing, and instead of relying on knowledge, you rely on prejudices and harmful narratives. You have a false picture of the world, including false ideas about the world, yourself, and the meaning of life. This means your brain has been washed, so... You can't do what is worth being able to do, and finally... Your personality habitually, unconsciously, and incorrectly reacts to risks, threats, obstacles, opportunities, fantasies, because... Your personality is just a chaotic set of stereotypes, prejudices, and attitudes that were formed in childhood and youth under the influence of a random environment, authorities who were themselves useful idiots, or under the influence of idols who only represent images specifically created for your worship. In general, the reason for your current position is that you are a slave, and you are controlled by those who don't care about you - to them you are just a resource, precisely because besides being a slave, which is bad enough, you are, even worse, a useful controlled idiot, and you don't realize this.

What to do about it?

Make a choice

1) consider me a psycho and continue wandering aimlessly, or admit that I may be right and try to open your eyes a little, start learning and observing, in order to make sure that I'm not a psycho 2) or, on the contrary, to make sure that I am a psycho and a fake-master who wants to deceive, devour and rob you. (Spoiler - that's exactly it! 🤑)

If you choose to consider me a psycho, immediately unsubscribe, because it is harmful to the health of “normal” people. If you decide to observe, then... start looking. For what? You'll figure it out gradually.

It's one thing when someone shows you something, but it's completely different when you start seeing things for yourself - things you didn't notice before. For example, you used to just walk past this wall, but today you noticed a door in the wall that you hadn't seen before. You tried to open the door - it's locked. But that's okay, at least you've started noticing doors where there used to only be a wall. A day will come when the door opens. Another day will come when you realize that not only is the door open, but there was never actually a wall at all. No, the wall didn't suddenly disappear. It was never been there. Thus start to practice Master's Solutions by yourself or I have one free spot in an individual coaching programme.

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