Why do we create subconscious mind peer groups?

It is very easy - we immediately change our course of action and there is no doubt about it. The absence of doubt is the main sign of deep insight. Can an insight be imaginary, when something just seems to us, but in fact it is not? An insight is not the answer to the question we've been looking for so long! It is a false understanding. Insight is the right question, which changes the direction of our thinking, gives us an unexpected perspective, and thereby shows us new connections and possibilities for action that we have not seen before. Insight does not provide an answer, but opens the gateway to the path, along which we discover more and more questions that provide answers. For the question is the key to the answer. We are deadlocked in the mind because we ask verbal questions and get verbal answers. Logic leaves no way out. It's like a rigorous mathematical proof that you can't refute. But your heart feels differently, and so you have to go beyond logic and explanation. You stop looking for the visible. You begin to look for the invisible, what you cannot see. How can we look for what we can't even see? It's like insanity. We start looking for something we can't see and we don't even know if it really exists. But an important point happens. We begin to allow that there is something that we can't yet see and don't even have the means to see it, and we don't even know for sure that it exists in our universe. Our knowledge rejects the very possibility of its existence. But in our imagination we are capable of imagining and allowing anything to exist. We are capable of imagining all kinds of images. And then we are able to look for what we are able to allow and imagine. Are we like Ivan the Fool, who went looking for I don't know what and there, I don't know where? That is why we creates peer groups – TO GET THE INSIGHTS