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Do you know that one of the main reasons individuals become hopelessly stuck, discouraged and de-motivated in life is because they continue to carry within old negative memories of failure, disappointment, rejection, humiliation, shame, and abandonment etc. that severely robs them of their natural life energy and spirit for life? Do you know such memories are life depleting because they behave like "energy holes" that constantly leak out life energy leaving the person feeling tired, lethargic, lacking self confidence, in a state of insurmountable inertia and often like giving up? Finally, do you know that these "holes" can be permanently "deleted" thereby spontaneously recovering compromised life energy, motivation, courage, drive, enthusiasm, self confidence, hope, optimism, resilience, inner strength, and one's life, to name a few? Want to learn more?

What I refer to as life energy is more accurately called Life Force Energy (LFE). Although not officially recognised scientifically or medically to exist because it cannot be directly measured it can be experienced and indeed is part of everyone's experience, whether they choose to acknowledge its existence or not.

LFE is the source of all one's positive resources i.e. their self esteem, self worth, self confidence, sense of adequacy, inner strength, inner peace, inner wisdom, resilience, ability to discern, intuition, optimism, feelings of love, etc. It is also the energy that is responsible for the structural and functional integrity of the mind/body. Some refer to LFE as "spirit" or "soul".

As one goes through life here in this reality LFE is progressively depleted from the mind/body i.e. what many refer to as aging (or more accurately "dying"). Although many take this process for granted and assume that it is natural it is largely due to the fact that no one has ever actually stopped to ask the question: Why does LFE get depleted from the mind/body in the first place?

It has become apparent over the last decade that one significant factor that is responsible for the depletion of LFE are negative emotions in memory records that become downloaded into the mind/body (i.e. also referred to as the subconscious mind) throughout one's life. Such memories, if you look at one of your own, significantly and cumulatively draw down LFE.

In other words they make one feel weak, tired, unmotivated, de-energized, helpless, inadequate, vulnerable, afraid, hopeless, pessimistic, undermine self confidence, self esteem and self worth, and can bring one's life to a grinding halt, just to name a few. The main reason they do this is because they literally poke "holes" in the person's energy field and cause a progressive and cumulative depletion of LFE.

What is not well known is that when such memorized emotions are erased/deleted from within (and yes this is possible) not only do the memories disappear but so do the emotions/holes they created. This happens in such a fashion that the memories feel like they actually never were emotional. That also means the LFE is spontaneously and progressively restored to the mind/body and hence the person is restored to their natural empowered and fully potent state.

One major consequence of this restoration is that it spontaneously lifts the paralyzing inertia from the person's experience and allows them to reclaim and restart their life.

Exactly how the emotions are erased is difficult to explain or describe here but if you are one of those paralyzed individuals who is curious and who wishes to learn more about how you can begin to free yourself from your prison of inertia kindly get our Master's Solution: Chackra Cleaning.

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