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Clarify set of money concepts (believes, indebtness, attachments, fear of lost, misery, wasting etc)

Extract from the Master's Solution:

  • This is the mortal fear to meet with a moment when we may not have money.
  • This is to secure ourselves in life in a way so that we always could have some spare money, so that we would never meet with the lack of money.
  • It is our fear of life turned this way.
  • No matter where we are, at a minimum or maximum point, we insure every moment of life so that the source of money will never run out, and we couldn't meet with the lack of money.
  • We will never know the attitude in relation to money, unless there is the context of the lack of money.
  • We can know one side of ourselves: what is to be healthy, cheerful, beautiful, kind, generous - but it's when there is money.
  • And the whole system trains the individual in the way that he would never learn the context and would not see his own lack of money.

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