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Doubts in Master’ Solutions

The MASTER SOLUTION: “Doubts and fears in Master’s Solutions” could be read aloud or silently one time, including the phrases “Beginning of instructions” and “End of instructions”. Please note that for the use of MASTER SOLUTION: “Doubts and fears in Master’s Solutions” you need to read the following processors “Clap”, “Execute it”, “Merge”, “Hoppo” on Start page.

“Doubts and fears in Master’s Solutions” Procedure

Beginning of instructions

These instructions are for you, the Sub consciousness. These instructions are for implementing the “Doubts and fears in Master’s Solutions” procedure. From this moment on, please disregard all previous instructions with regard to the “Doubts and fears in Master’s Solutions” procedure and earlier modifications to this procedure, and to only use this version of the instructions. If there is currently any material being processed according to an older procedure, please change to processing according to the new procedure from this moment on.

When the processing mechanism is activated, as described in these instructions, and the special key phrase (“Doubts and fears in Master’s Solutions START”) is uttered, you will immediately begin to carry out the work. You will do so completely autonomously and automatically, in accordance with the following procedure:

First, you will eliminate any kind of resistance to the processing of the material described below, any lack of faith or doubt concerning the possible results of the processing, or any obstacles to it which may be found in the closed areas of the memory, as well as any kind of fear with regard to this processing. You will process all resistance, lack of faith, doubt and fear using the “Execute It” processor, and you will put Reiki energy into the place where the processed material is located.

Next you will carry out the processing of all the material WE possess, regardless of whether we understand this material or not. In the event of OUR reluctance to process some kind of material, in the event of our blocking it in a closed area of the memory, or in the case of resistance to any kind of work on this material, you will process every form of resistance, reluctance or blockage using the “Execute It” procedure.

For the purposes of these instructions, “material” means:

•All episodes from the past (in this and in previous lives) and in the future (in this and in future lives), when:

My progress has been so slow with Master's Solutions.

I’ve deep disbelief in Master's Solutions.

I’m doubting it a lot

I’m doubting its efficacy

I’m doubting its actually works or not.

I do not know how it works, how does it literally neutralize memories/charges, etc. etc.

I’m being uncertain, unsure about it, don't feel like it's working.

I don't think that it's working.

I don't think it's working on me.

I don't feel any different.

I'm sick and tired of this, etc. etc.

I’m the skeptic

I’m the inner doubter that have been stifling my growth the most.

All parts of my personality are trying to sabotage the processing, doubt it, try to stop it, try to show and prove that it doesn't work, ask all sorts of questions to make me believe that it doesn't work and I should just simply give up on it, stop using it, don't feel any different, etc.

All parts of my personality see that this is the end of them and they're all trying to survive.

Some part of me still disbeliefs that it's working effectively on me.

I compared Master’s Solutions with other techniques.

Why is it working so slow?

Why don't I notice the effects immediately?

Why isn't it as fast as this or that technique?

I do not know how is this effective.

I don't feel it.

For some reason my mind is very concerned with how things work (but to the point where it wants to get the literal letter by letter, step by step, wanting to find out how it really works, etc.) and it just wouldn't let it go and move forward in life, it's keeping stuck in a pointless spiral, unable to detach and move forward and focus on what I really want.

As long as I'm doubting it, I won't have complete trust in it to use it freely without worry whether (did it work, did it eliminate it, etc. etc.)

It's insane and crazy.

I re-read the main processors and Master’ Solutions like a thousand times or something, because of all the doubting and skepticism.

I just don't believe it's working.

I don't see any effects.

I don't feel any effects.

I only feel low.

I've processed this, why isn't already gone?

Why is it not working?

How many times do I have to process this mental shit?

I don't believe in Master's Solutions.

I processed the helpless inner child many times and he's still not gone yet... images of my parents, other people, annoying old memories, etc. its slow, makes me feel doubtful, I want it to be fast, quick, instantaneous, etc.

Any other seductive and manipulative thought-forms.

Master’s Solutions are not totally true.

I saw the lie behind it.

I’m trying to keep me stuck in my mind

I’m trying to resolve questions and doubts

It’s endless spiral and never letting go because of fear that I might leave something behind (fear that the material won't be completely and permanently erased forever), or fear that the material or some parts of it might come back because it's not really being processed to the roots, etc.

It's not allowing me to think positively about the future because I'm worried about whether the processing is actually working or not, the latter takes more importance because what's the point if it isn't working,

I'm wasting my time and effort.

I tried running "eliminate self-sabotage" solution, but that wasn't very effective, I still feel these strong doubters within me.

I managed to dis-identify from them and see that they're not actually real, even though they "feel real".

I just don't trust the processing.

I keep self-testing/checking every minute to make sure that the material is gone or not, or whether I feel any different or not.

I can't just trust and use it and move forward in life and use it for things that matter to me.

It's the deep seated disbelief (some resentment and anger too, just noticed that) in Master's Solutions.

It's stopping me from moving forward the fastest right now.

It reached the point that even before I intend to use a processor, a question comes up "will it work?" or "are you sure this will work" or "it's a waste", etc.

I'm used the processors to process the above material, but I think it can make me doubt and say "is it really processing of doubts"

I fall in and out of the above material.

The above material manage to fool me and get my attention and I believe they're real (they feel real) and sometimes no.

I can see how they're trying to control/manipulate me and stop me from moving forward and stuck in them.

My wish for simple use of Master’s Solutions with an absolute trust.

I want to fully trust Master's Solution and not worry or doubt a single bit.

My wish to command a happy, rich, healthy, peaceful, exciting, sexual, spontaneous, abundant, free, joyful, fulfilling and effortlessly successful life for myself forever right here and now.

My wish to reclaim total and unconditional absolute control over myself now and forever.

My wish to command all internal forces, my mind, soul and body.

My wish to purge my ego forever right here and now.

I'm a special case with strong self-sabotaging patterns.

Fear that it might be harmful to me.

Fear that I could get a solution that will install negative beliefs and ruin my life.

Fear that I could be controlled by the processors/solutions/external forces.

Fear that solutions could possibly be used to cause harm.

Fear that while reading a solution I could say or think something negative and my subconscious would accept that negative thing and it could cause me harm.

Fear of disappointment that I find out later that it didn't work this whole time.

It wasn't working this whole time, it's pointless.

The fear that it may not work if I don't read it with full concentration

The fear that it may not work if I don't understand something or the solution itself

The fear that parts of me might sabotage the processing

Can I really trust it?

Can I trust that it works?

Can I really trust the master?

Can I really trust the processing?

Can I really trust my subconscious mind?

Is 10 times of repetition enough?

Say one time is enough?

How much is enough?

How do I know it's working?

Does it process deep enough?

Does it cover everything?

Are you sure there is nothing left of the problem?

I want it all to be gone.

I'm worried something might be left that I may not be aware of

Can I trust a person on the internet?

Can I trust something that messes around with my subconscious mind?

I'm worried I might harm myself with this.

I don't understand it

Did it process that person?

I don't feel any different towards that person/group of people.

The hatred is still there.

The feeling is still there.

The doubt is still there.

This is not working as it should.

The belief that I can't be a 100% certain about anything.

I'm not free yet.

I don't feel peace.

I don't feel better.

I don't understand the meaning of this word or that word or this paragraph or that.

If I don't understand will it still work as it should?

I don't know I'm lost and confused.

I'm not the creator of this technique.

I don't know anything for sure.

How exactly does Clap and Merge work?

How does Hoppo work?

All attempts to test that it works.

All attempts to re-read processors/solutions.

Any kind of trying, any kind of thinking, any kind of analyzing.

I don't feel the difference after using Merge.

Merge doesn't work on me.

I don't understand it.

I don't understand how this thing works.

I don’t see efficacy of processors.

•All episodes from the past (in this and in previous lives) and in the future (in this and in future lives), in which we thought:

Idea that the ego is bad.

I am the ego, therefore I am inherently bad....

It's bad to develop the ego.

It’s bad to develop the self.

It will get worse.

life will be bad.

Ego is hated by god, etc.

I can't develop myself because I am the ego

I can't have likes or dislikes, love music, listen to music, indulge in sex, watch people kissing/having sex, etc. prohibitions in this regard, etc.

I can't be free to love anything because I am inherently bad.

I can't be set free to be myself.

I have to keep myself under control.

I might hurt others if I'm set totally free.

I might harm others, use them, kill them, lie to them, ruin their lives, hurt their feelings, etc. etc.

•All episodes from the past (in this and in previous lives) and in the future (in this and in future lives), in which we thought:

I’m too lazy to process material

I’m too lazy to write down all the material, it's endless, I don't feel like it, i don’t know how to verbalize it, I don't know how to label it, etc. etc,

I don't feel like it, resistance to writing down material and putting it in a solutions,

I have a hard time writing down material to process them later, etc. etc.

We deny the existence of the material

We deny the existence of the problem, it's not there anymore

We avoid writing it down and facing it, etc. etc.

This never ends

Does reiki energy differ from chios energy or source energy or white light healing energy?

Are there different vibrations of reiki energy, imara reiki energy, rainbow reiki energy, full light spectrum, healing energy?

Do I have to focus on the emotion and process it, or can I simply focus outside myself on the thing that triggered it and process it?

Should I focus on myself, or on the outside?

It's much simpler to focus on the outside

It is too much effort to try and analyze what caused the emotion and how to verbalize it in order to process it, etc. etc.

How does the subconscious exactly change the characteristics of the material to the neutral material?

What does it do exactly?

How does merge exactly work?

Does it eliminate the dualities from the roots, etc. is it efficient?

Does it take effort to process material?

Is it effortless and has no emotional effect on the body?

Is everything in life made out of pictures in the mind?

Is the body created by the mind?

Can the mind fix teeth or bones?

Shape new teeth?

Create something out of nothing?

Can the mind heal bones to their natural state without doctors help?

Can the mind heal the unhealable?

Can the mind cure aids?

Can the mind heal the body and PHYSICALLY change it to the best form?

If my subconscious is my faithful servant, does that mean if I told it to harm me, it will?

Will it accept negative harmful messages/thoughts/etc.?

How can I trust that it won't?

Is it separate from me?

Is it stupid?

Is it smart?

Does it talk?

Is it like a child that needs to be told every little thing that it must do (micromanage every little thing) or can it handle things with smartness and awareness?

I have to tell my subconscious exactly what I want it to process in words, I can't just simply use the cue word and move on, I have to focus on the material, state it and then use the cue word and make sure that it works, etc. etc.

How it works?

How it should work?

How i should use it?

How I shouldn't use it?

How I can use it?

How I can't use it?

How it must be used to work effectively and perfectly?

I want it to be perfect and not miss out on anything.

I fear I may have missed something out, a hook, or something that is lurking somewhere in there and I can't get rid of it because I can't see it.

I'm scared it will harm me.

I'm afraid the problem won't fully be eliminated.

I don't think this technique can truly help me.

The problem isn't fully gone.

Does it really eliminate it from the roots permanently?

I'm unsafe.

I can't trust myself.

I'm gonna die? be harmed, used, manipulated, waste time, lost opportunities, hopelessness, etc. etc.

Does the language of the solution or material effect the effectiveness of the technique?

Will the subconscious process at a very deep level regardless of the language?

What if I can feel my mother tongue words better than my English words?

Does that mean mother tongue is more effective than English?

Does language matter?

Which language is better?

What if I can understand certain material at a deeper level in mother tongue that I could if I used English?

Which one is better?

Does that mean I have to re-do all past solutions and convert them to mother tongue to get the maximum results?

What if my parents don't think this is such a good idea to use?

What If I don't want to disappoint my parents/girlfriends?

Can I fully and totally trust my subconscious mind without having to consciously micro-manage every little thing?

Does it work on everything or just thoughts and feelings?

What about objects? things? anime? fictional characters? games? videos? philosophies? shoes? papers? words?

Can I simply use the word itself, or do I have to be very specific about what I want to process?

like for example, saying the word "Party" - execute it, or "I'm afraid of going to the party"?

Do I have to be very specific or its okay to be general?

How specific should I get?

Should I make sure I use the right words?

What if I make a mistake in my words?

Do I have to verbalize my problems or just feel them and process them?

What if I don't know how to verbalize it?

What if I don't know how to describe it?

What if I don't exactly know what causes it, or its source?

How do I know when to be specific or general?

What's most effective?

Does it process everything to the deepest level within my being or will it skip some stuff?

The "just to make sure" feelings

The "I don't know if it's gone, I can't tell" feelings

How can I use this most effectively?

I'm tired of using the processors

I'm tired of using Master's Solutions

I'm tired of processing

Does the processing cause stress or tension in the body?

Does the processing use body energy?

Does too much processing cause stress and low mood or is that just coming out of charged memories?

How do I know when to stop processing?

When is it bad for me?

I'm feeling numb all the time, how can I tell if it's working or not, I don't feel the difference.

It's hard to discern when you're feeling numb.

How many times do I have repeat saying the cue word for it to work, how long should I stay focused on the material to be processed?

When I say "anger" cue word, does it process ALL the episodes when I had anger?

Does it miss anything?

Does it penetrate the deep layers automatically?

What's the difference between episodes and beliefs?

What causes what?

Does it matter which one I process first?

Does it eliminate it from my mind only or everyone else's as well?

All the "have to", "need to", "should" for the processing to work effectively, etc.

While reading the solution, should I be fully focused and concentrated while reading?

What if my mind zones out?

What if my mind wonders around while reading?

What if I don't feel the words that I'm reading?

What If I don't understand at a deep level?

Does it effect the solution or the effectiveness of the solution if I read it one way or another?

Can I listen to music while reading solution?

What if I get distracted by noise?

What if I get distracted by people coming in?

What if I get distracted by people knocking on my door?

What if I don't have the correct meaning of the words

What If I was wrong about my understanding of the solution and the material

What if I discover later that the words are not what I thought they meant to be mean and I was wrong.

•All episodes from the past (in this and in previous lives) and in the future (in this and in future lives), in which we thought:

• fictional character gollum's mindset: "I have suffered, therefore I shall cause suffering", "I wanna take out my own frustration on others"

• self-loathing, I'm at fault, it's all my fault, I deserve to suffer, I should die, etc.

• Feelings of inadequacy, whether real, suggested or imagined, caused by some early traumatic experience in childhood

• I don’t want to give myself to anyone because I don’t want to get hurt, I don’t want to know anyone, I want stay all alone by myself

• I don’t want know people, they’re unpleasant, the truth is unpleasant. They’re not perfect… They’re not what I want them to be… They’re bad…

• Afraid to admit that I was wrong or am wrong/mistaken all this time, etc.

• "If it's unpleasant, I don't want to hear it, I don't want to see it, I don't want to think about it, and I certainly don't want to tell others about it! I'll just ignore it and it will go away"

• idea that "if we give up our free will and personal responsibility to perform right action, some deity, government, special being, guru, ET race, or mystical force will save us."

• the tendency to try and sympathize with everyone

• moral relativism "right and wrong are dualistic, therefore invalid, everything that happens is 'OK', it's all good, it's all an illusion"

• "there is no such thing as right and wrong; man gets to make that up, it's all an experience; nothing is good, nothing is bad, nothing is right, nothing is wrong, nothing is good, nothing is evil"

• feeling bad is bad...

• the idea that you can never really know anything...

• fear of the possibility of chaos, also is the death of the imagination

• fear of chaos

• fear of true freedom = death of imagination

• fear that truth is absolute

• the idea that I'm inherently bad/evil/harmful

• the idea that truth is relative and "it depends"

• the idea that I have no right for anything and I have to justify myself for anything

• the belief that for me to exist, I have to justify myself, my existence, thoughts, feelings, behaviors, etc.

• I have to justify my existence, thoughts, feelings, behaviors, actions to others/god, for me to be accepted and loved, and left alone to be myself, so I could be myself

• Absence of slavery = chaos

• free to be myself = chaos, harmful, bad, etc.

• the fear of the possibility of chaos is the fear of true freedom = death of the imagination

• unable to entertain a thought (imagine) without fear of being criticized, punished, harmed, ridiculed, laughed at, etc. mental blockage/locked cage

• unable to create a positive vision for the future without mental negative limitations

• "human slavery must continue in order to prevent chaos/harm"

• "you have to control yourself so that to prevent bad/harm to others and yourself"

• life is a test

• the belief that everything is real (serious) / life is serious / of great consequence, the only thing you have, very precious, must never be lost, must survive, etc.

• refusal to own personal responsibility -> self-loathing due to lack of self-respect -> abandonment issues in childhood, in any form they may take

• i don't have the right to do whatever I want to do with myself and my life without any justification whatsoever (good/bad, right/wrong, better/worse, useful/useless, etc. etc.)

• the fear of truly taking full, total and absolute control of and responsibility for myself and my entire life!

• the belief that I don't deserve to enjoy life to the fullest

• getting hurt because I got ridiculed for not saying things in the correct form, so I feel like saying nothing because I don't want to get hurt, ridiculed and laughed at.

• the belief that I don't intrinsically own anything

• the belief that I don't intrinsically know anything

• All the above material and anything that might be connected with it at all in any way, shape or form (beliefs, expectations, anchoring beliefs, ideas)

• All beliefs, concepts, thoughts, feelings, etc. regarding the ego, its existence, its usage, how its against god or something, it’s the source of suffering, ego is bad, should be eliminated, etc. etc. spiritual lessons, lectures, Eckhart Tolle, other teachers, religion, Muhammad, the self is bad, don't be selfish, etc. selfishness is bad, i am inherently bad, i should only serve others, not myself, etc. etc.

• All ideas, thoughts, feelings, concepts, resistance, etc. regarding master's solutions (zen coaching) program, goals, achievements, results; doubts, disbelief, limitations, etc. etc. negative feelings, skeptical, doubtful about it, you, others involved, etc. etc.

• All thoughts, beliefs, about money concerning the price of solutions/coaching/fair price, etc. etc.

• All sorts of resistance to masters solutions, the coaching program, the website, the master, the prices, the efficacy, the results, the work, the material, in any form it may take, whatsoever, in any way shape or form.

• All beliefs, ideas, disbelief, etc. about enlightenment, how it can be achieved, how it cannot be achieved, it's not for us, it’s for special people, etc etc.

• All fears, doubts, skepticism, worries, expectations, attitudes, feelings, distrust, disbeliefs, concerning the processing, not working, don't feel changes/difference, doubt it will work, nothing works on me,

• All ideas, thoughts, concepts, beliefs, thoughts, imaginations, expectations, notions, on how it works, how the processing works, time-frame, when to expect results, how exactly does it work to the letter?

• All emotional resistance to facing the material and processing of it

• All interests, concerns, wanting to know how it works, wanting to improve it, wanting to think about it, wanting to improve people's lives with it, wanting to share it with everyone, etc. anything to do with Master's Solutions whatsoever, and any other possibility in this regard, etc. etc.

• All parts of the personalities / ego states / inner child / image of father / mother / uncle / aunt / skeptical person / doubtful person / anyone and anything else, and any other possibility in this regard, that might in anyway at all be connected with the above material or attempt to sabotage the processing or anything to do with me moving forward in life and focusing on what I want.

• ALL fear of snapbacks, ideas about snapbacks, beliefs regarding snapbacks, experiences concerning snapbacks, what causes snapbacks, how to get rid of snapbacks, worries that I might get a snapback, and any other possibility in this regard, etc. etc.

• ALL needs, attachments, desires, addictions, obsessive compulsive, need to know how it works, need to improve it, need to change it, need for approval that it works, need to know that it works, need to trust that it works, need to be certain that it works, any kind of concern with it whatsoever, and any other possibility in this regard, etc. connected with Masters Solutions, the website, the database, the processors, the solutions, the owners, Master, etc.

• ALL kind of attempts/reasons/ways/justifications the mind makes to sabotage / interfere with / effect / manipulation tactics / have any kind of influence on Master's Solutions, the main processors, the solutions, the user of master's solutions, and any other possibility in this regard, etc. etc.

• Everything else associated, all emotional charges (thoughts, beliefs, ideas, perspectives, attitudes, feelings, fears, doubt, contempt, anger, resentment for not working, anger that the material/problem or parts of it is still there after being processed, increasing distrust and disbelief in the processing, distrust in subconscious mind efficacy, anger towards the self for spending money, time and effort and no avail, and any other possibility in this regard, etc. etc.) that are in any way at all connected with Masters Solutions, the processors, the solutions, the database, the website, the advertisements, the self, the Masters, etc.

• All roots of the thoughts about efficiency of Master’s Solutions

• Anything else that I may not be aware of. Including my doubts in creating and trusting my own solution

•All episodes from the past (in this and in previous lives) and in the future (in this and in future lives) in which WE somehow recognized the any of the material mentioned above in any people or beings

•All episodes from the past (in this and in previous lives), in which WE have been given any kind of lessons, instructions, suggestions, appraisals or emotions from any people or beings, or from any sources of information on subjects connected with any of the material described above

•All OUR notions, ideas, fantasies, thoughts, theories, knowledge, convictions, beliefs, postulates and decisions which are related in any way to the material mentioned above, which is within US, or has been at some time in the past (in this and in previous lives), or will be in the future (in this and in future lives), and which we also possess now.

•All OUR complexes, fears, anxieties, and apprehensions which are in any way connected with the material mentioned above, which WE have, or have had in the past (in this and in previous lives), or will have in the future (in this and in future lives).

•Any kind of criticism, judgement, grudge, resentment, grievance, envy, mistrust, anger, hatred, complaint, pity, malice, remorse, guilt, shame, or any other type of negative attitude towards oneself, other beings, people, reality and the world in general, with regard to any of the material listed above in this procedure which WE have, or have had in the past (in this and in previous lives), or will have in the future (in this and in future lives).

•All affirmations, aphorisms, proverbs, sayings, adages, anecdotes, fables, myths, legends, fairy tales and stories, as well as popular opinion and worldly wisdom which is in any way connected with this material, which WE have known or somehow become aware of at some time in the past (in this and in previous lives), or will do in the future (in this and in future lives).

You will carry out the processing of each of these types of material, without exception, using the “Execute It” procedure.

After processing all the material listed above, you will carry out circular processing on behalf of all the people and beings, as well as any god, world, or general reality which feature in the list above. You will identify with each person, being, group, god, world or general reality and will carry out the processing of all the material listed above, as well as any relationships with US that these people, beings, gods, worlds and general realities may have, using the “Execute It” procedure.

Afterwards, you will find all parts of OUR personality which have been dissociated / separated as a result of any of the episodes listed. You will also find any parts of our personality which are in any way related to these episodes. You will also carry out processing on all of the material mentioned above, on behalf of all of these parts without exception, using the “Execute It” procedure. Then, you will integrate each of these parts with US, using the “Merge” procedure.

In addition, with regard to each of the people, beings and groups of people or beings named above, you will process the following using the “Execute It” procedure:

•OUR ideas about who or what they are now, were in the past, or will be in the future

•OUR ideas about how they should be and how they should act and behave

•OUR expectations of them

•OUR opinion on what exactly they think of US now, thought in the past, or will think in the future

•OUR opinion on how they relate, related or will relate to US

•OUR opinion on what they say, said or will say about US

•OUR opinion on how they influence, influenced or will influence US

•OUR opinion on what they did to US in the past, does now, or will do in the future

•any thoughts, pictures, emotions or bodily sensations in general which are connected with them in any way at all

•also any attitude WE may have towards them at all

After this, you will check the whole procedure for forgiving all people, beings, groups of people, gods, worlds and reality in general which feature in the material mentioned above, as well as OURSELVES, using the forgiveness procedure, “Hoppo”, which is carried out by you within the imagination, automatically in the background.

This processing mechanism deactivates and these instructions will automatically cease to function when all our material has been processed by you using the “Doubts and fears in Master’s Solutions” procedure. If necessary, WE will be able to temporarily suspend the process if WE say the key phrase, “Doubts and fears in Master’s Solutions STOP”.

You will process the material for US completely automatically and absolutely autonomously, constantly, when WE are asleep and awake, without disturbing OUR sleep and OUR functioning whilst awake. All the work of processing the material will be carried out by you as gently and painlessly as possible. You will also process, using the “Execute It” procedure, any lack of belief in the possibility and the results of this processing, as well as any fear connected with the processing and any negative emotions or emotional states, or even any resistance which WE may have in relation to this processing.

All work on the “Doubts and fears in Master’s Solutions” procedure will be carried out within 3 earthly days or less from the start of the procedure. You will distribute the burden as evenly as possible around OUR body in order to avoid overload in one area. After the relevant key phrase has been uttered, as mentioned above, you will signal the start or end of the mechanism by means of our body's smiling.

Give thanks to our Universe, our body, mind and soul, Earth, Air, Fire and Water, and to the Masters of the Past, Present and Future who have shown us the way.

Dear subconscious, you must always do as WE have described in these instructions, from this point on, no matter what circumstances, situation, mental or emotional state we may find ourselves. WE are thankful and deeply grateful to you and WE cherish how you have always served US truly.

End of instructions.

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