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Elimination of procrastination

Do you know that procrastination is driven by a series of negative beliefs and feelings that were programmed into you when you were young and highly hypnotizable? Do you know that unless one can unearth and permanently erase those beliefs/feelings and the negatively charged memories that generate them one is enslaved to a self destructive path that few have the ability to become free of?

Procrastination is a behavioral tendency that results when beliefs and feelings such as the following hijack your mind and leave you imprisoned in a deteriorating state:

  1. The fear of failure.
  2. The fear of success.
  3. The fear of rejection.
  4. The belief that one is inadequate.
  5. The belief that one is not good enough.
  6. The belief that one is unworthy or undeserving.
  7. The belief that one's success will be envied and/or taken away by others.
  8. The fear of envy.
  9. Feelings of low self confidence.
  10. The fear of attracting negative attention.
  11. The fear of taking responsibility for one's self.
  12. The need to be taken care of.
  13. Feelings of anger and resentment towards others.
  14. The need to get revenge in passive aggressive ways.

And so on.

When one is stuck in the inertia so commonly felt with procrastination there is a sense of powerlessness, immobility, confusion, vague feelings of depression, low self worth and self esteem, a sense of purposelessness, self doubt, agitation, boredom, and loss of passion or enthusiasm etc.

What is not seen however are the underlying drivers creating this state. Those drivers, i.e. any of the beliefs and feelings mentioned above, lie below conscious awareness in the subconscious mind where like a clandestine set of "software" programs take hold of the freewill apparatus in the conscious mind and shut it down.

The only way to release oneself from this state is to become conscious of those programs and erase/delete/purge them from within once and for all. This is equivalent to de-hypnotizing ones' self and thus waking up to rightful ownership of their life.

Waking consciousness is achieved when one does a simply yet not well known analysis of the supposed usefulness of some of the needs/beliefs/feelings above. For example if we look at the need to get revenge one can see that it supposedly helps one feel vindicated, right, powerful, like a winner and therefore empowers them to take charge of their life and move on.

However when caught in that angry and vengeful state they find themselves quite fixated, immobilized, stuck, drained, unable to move on, weak, and trapped. The contrast between these two aspects of the problem, when made fully explicit, can readily and permanently help to erase the need thereby releasing this particular driver of procrastination from within.

This is much like erasing various outdated files from a computer program so that it functions optimally. To stop procrastination from destroying your life and claim the mastership of your fate, order Master’s Solution: Elimination of procrastination.

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