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Reclaim control and ownership of your mind, body and life back with series of Master’s Solutions: Emotional Child

Do you know that most people, whether they care to admit it to themselves or not, carry within them a needy inner child that is responsible for feelings of insecurity, low self confidence, a fear of being alone, the need to be loved and taken care of, impulsive decisions, controlling and manipulative behaviours, all types of addictive behaviours, co-dependent relationship patterns, low self esteem and self worth, lack of self care, and ultimately for sabotaging one's chances of fulfillment and success in life? Do you know many believe that this "inner child" is a) an important part of them and makes up who they are and b) must try to embrace, love or soothe it in order to make themselves feel whole, mature, and capable adults?

The concept of "inner child" came into vogue in the 1970's when it was noticed that individuals' behaviours, feelings and personality characteristics would "switch" in certain situations much like they were assuming another "role". In the well known book "Games People Play" by Eric Berne M.D. he delineates how individuals without realizing it assume many roles with others some of which include "needy child" roles.

A decade ago while researching the nature of negative memories it was learned that these so-called "roles" were generated around thematically related negative memories (of say being abused, rejected, unloved, neglected, unwanted, abandoned, humiliated, bullied, etc.) The "roles" themselves in effect are buried deep in the subconscious mind/body and tend to get re-triggered automatically and much beyond the person's control whenever some event in their current life resembles the old original traumatic/negative event(s).

Sadly this effectively sends the person into a hypnotic trance-like state where they find themselves feeling and behaving, say, like a scared, weak, helpless, vulnerable, insecure, needy child who then tends to dominate the person's conscious mind and freewill.

As I am sure you can see that feeling and behaving like a child is not attractive to others when they in fact are physically an adult and have adult obligations.

This lack of "self control" only adds to lower feelings of self esteem, a sense of uncertainty about one's self, a fear of taking on new responsibilities, and essentially makes one feel defective, inadequate and like withdrawing from life.

Can this be remedied, you ask? Absolutely!

What was also discovered a decade ago and which goes against all traditional views on how to address these inner "roles" is that a) they are actually foreign intruders b) have no right living/residing inside of you and c) can be completely and permanently deleted/purged with Master’s Solution Series: Emotional Child.

Purging these intruders is accomplished simply by erasing the negative emotions from memories associated with them. This feels empowering and freeing and is akin to banishing squatters who have been living in your house while you were away on vacation!

It also helps restore one's sense of adequacy, self esteem, self worth, self confidence, self assuredness, self trust, self image, and inner peace, peace of mind, clarity, courage, strength, resilience and joy for life. What's more it is also what it means to become fully conscious and enlightened!

So if you are one of those people who has felt hijacked by internal forces that feel destructive and demoralizing and you would like to reclaim control and ownership of your mind, body and life back kindly get the series of Master’s Solutions: Emotional Child.

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