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It is likely that many of you have heard yourself or others use the term "fear of success". Is it possible that anyone can be afraid of success? So does it really exist? If so, what are some of its roots? How many times have you found yourself "knowingly" going back to a self-harming behavior that is ruining your quality of life in some way. I'm sure you can think of many such situations.

If you look carefully at the inner forces that push you to make such decisions to destroy yourself, I think you will quickly find out that it is not because you "want to" " or "want" this for yourself. That is unless you've deluded yourself into thinking you're somehow better.

If you "think" that self-destruction is good for you, you may have chosen to lie about the end result. Well, what can convince you that "saving yourself" (which, by definition, is a condition of reducing your quality of life) is good for you, and therefore it can "improve your life"?

The first is the "fear" of what you "think" can happen to you or make your life better if you reach such a situation. For example, do you ever feel anxious just when something good is about to happen to you? Isn't it surprising that you feel this way at a time like this? You would think that the most natural reaction at such a time would be a feeling of happiness or joy.

Well, this concern is linked to the fear of success. Specifically, it may be related to the "fear of losing that sense of accomplishment" once it's done and the "fear of disappointment" that will follow if that happens.

The "fear of disappointment" is so ingrained in most of us because of the many losses we may have experienced in our lives that every time it is repeated, it can quickly destroy success. Another fear that is based on the "fear of success" is linked to the "fear of having responsibility for oneself and one's life". What do I mean by that? Well, most of us use other people to make decisions about our lives that the thought of making our own decisions scares us.

Such fear often comes from a life story of being punished or reprimanded for doing something wrong. This leads to the fear of making mistakes, and therefore leads us to leave the responsibility for our lives to others. The barrier to regaining control over our lives becomes insurmountable. So what do we usually do then? Well, interestingly, not to make any decision secretly hoping that someone else will take care of it. It is now possible to rebuild your life and allow yourself to pass through the imaginary ceiling called "the fear of success". If you want to challenge yourself and move forward to where you want to be in your life, please find the Master's Solution: Enjoy money and success.

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