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Extract from the Master's Solution:

  • WE did not believe that we can find our favorite job
  • From childhood WE saw the example of parents / grandmother / grandfather, plowing, working by the sweat of their brow, and cursing their work
  • WE sat at home
  • WE condemned ourselves for idleness
  • OUR parents strongly emphasized how bad, how unworthy not to work, and how good and right to work one's whole life without rest
  • OUR parents emphasized and praised themselves because they do not even go on vacation for years, and worked and worked all the time
  • Someone said about the people that do not work (both in general and temporarily) - with us included in that number - that they are:
    • Parasites
    • A millstone around the neck
    • Drones
    • Living off others
    • Not worthy
    • Loafers
    • Hell raisers
    • Dick kickers
    • Worthless
    • Good for nothing
  • etc.

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