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Extract from this Master's Solution: 

All episodes of our childhood (both in this and in previous lives) and the future (as now and future lives), when our age mates boasted before us:

- That their toys better than ours.

- Their shoes, clothes were more fashionable than ours.

- They have delicious chocolates, sweets, and, fruits but we do not have

- That their parents, relatives, and friends are better than our parents, relatives, friends

- They have better living conditions than us.

During all episodes of our childhood (as in this and in previous lives) and future (as in this and future lives), when our peers teased us like this.

- Our toys are worse than theirs.

- We do not have toys like theirs.

- Do not eat candies, sweets, and fruits such as they eat

- We are less fashionably dressed than them.

- We have bad parents, aunts, uncles, brothers, sisters, and other relatives

- Do something worse than them.

From the basis of the above factors, we concluded that "they are better than us."

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