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Eliminate The Fear of Deat Using The Power Of Subconscious Mind

"..ashes to ashes, dust to dust . . ."

There are many people who believe that life is like a sexually transmitted disease. However, its ending is lethal. But, sooner or later we need to accept the idea that we all have to leave our body. Both life and death are two concepts which should be merged in our mind. Thus, if we have not done this thing already, it is time to take this idea into consideration.

We cannot get rid of death. No matter what we do, it is always behind us, following us. If we stop for a moment, death has the power to brutally attack us with diseases. But this is not all. Death can transform our personality.

On the other hand, death is nothing but an illusion. It is regarded as an interval between the two planes of consciousness. Death cannot be destroyed. It only changes its form and it also plays an essential part for those who want to get new life force (new energy) or to be part of the spiritual growth.

A caterpillar metamorphosing into a butterfly is also a process similar to death. But due to the fact that people feel attached to their material form (also known as the physical body), they are afraid of death. Superstition, fear, and ignorance are three of the most common feelings when it comes to the nature of death. But this is a wrong attitude that makes us suffer. We should get rid of these feelings and change our way of thinking.

On the other hand, we should consider life as a gift which is offered to us by the great Universe. However, there is also true that there are people who say that they do not like their life and they wish they were never born. This usually happens when they experience the hardships of life, a thing that makes find no sense in their existence. But, there is also a contraction. Even if these people are not satisfied with their lifestyle, they fear death and they say that they do not want to close their eyes forever.

An explanation for this fact is that we are conspicuously attached to our physical form. In fact, we all sense every moment of life through our bodies. But, the bad news is that identifying the idea of Self with the body makes all of us feel confused. We think that the dissolution of the physical part is the equivalent to the annihilation of Self. However, by taking into consideration this powerful attachment, there is no wonder that it becomes something that makes us suffer.

In most of the cases, the pain is caused because the body is always changing. There are people who wish they could stay alive forever, but this is just an illusion. Along the time, the physical form is passing from youth to caducity. Thus, we may feel happy when we are in the prime of our life, but when we have to face old age and sickness, we allow the stress and sickness to make us feel disappointed and we become tired. This also happens when we feel the violent threat of death. Thus, there is no wonder that we seek to escape this feeling. However, one thing is sure: both fears of death and lust for life are two forms of harmful attachment.

But this is not all. We feel attached not only to the physical form but also our personal belongings. We are attached to our possessions and we always try to accumulate as many as possible. We are permanently concerned of weaving a close-knit web around things such as phones, cars, clothes and anything else which is related to our wealth. This usually happens because this connects us to past memories or with the anticipation of the future.

The main purpose of “Master Solution: Life” is to help people uproot each and every point of these attachments. However, the secret of achieving this goal is by getting rid of subtle threads of intellectual attachment such as convictions.

Most of the religious doctrines and materialistic educational systems encourage mankind’s wrong attitude towards death. They promote horrible ideas about the after-death state such as punishment and torture. Also, they teach people to fear death and also the atrocities of the Inquisition.

Throughout the ages, Christianity, for example, and its adepts have seen death as something gruesome and dreadful. Thus, if the choice was given, many Christians would prefer to avoid death at all costs. But, due to the fact that this is not possible, people have to succumb. They picture themselves as powerless in front of the death and they anticipate the end of life at an unexpected moment. The annihilation of self-identity is the thing that makes humanity consider death as something that gives cold chills down their spine.

In fact, we may speak about fear of the unknown. People are not sure of what comes after death and this makes them vulnerable. The laborious attempt to postpone death with the help of medical science or other similar means is a common behavior all around the world. But humanity has not been able to prolong life or to ease fears yet.

Philosophically speaking, mankind lives in a state of slavery, unless their true nature is accepted and revealed. There are mystic theories which call this “dying while living”. What is more, there are even some advanced mystics which have reached a state where they are able to predetermine the complex process of both physical and mystical death. Also, they have the possibility to control and trigger the time of these two types of deaths.

In order to understand the relationship with death, people need to check it by means of a test. There are some sufi masters, also known as dervishes, who thought that they were already dead. And so, modern people can do: they can pretend that they are already dead in order to increase the enjoyment of life, of every moment of their day, of every sun’s light that touches their skin.

To fear death is something that consumes people’s energy. Also, this fear includes a lot of branches such as the fear of being helpless when you get older or the fear of not being able to save your body from death.

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