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Love and dependence. Part 5.

Let Go Of Old Emotional Baggage From Past Breakups with Master’s Solution Series: Love and Dependence

Do you know that many people harbour a fear of abandonment from past breakups that makes them needy, jealous, controlling, insecure, unattractive, ultimately sabotages their relationships and leads to more feelings of abandonment? Do you know this vicious cycle can now be permanently stopped simply by erasing/deleting the old emotional baggage in the form of negative memories of early abandonment stored within the subconscious mind? Do you know this will make you a strong, emotionally secure, emotionally mature and attractive person who can then have successful healthy relationships? Want to learn more about how this can happen for you?

As most people have experienced at least one failed relationship or breakup that means that even you may be caring a negative memory of abandonment inside. So what is the consequence of that, you ask?

Well, it very likely sets you up for further heartache in the future. Let me explain.

The negative memories of previous rejection or abandonment become stored within you along with the old emotional pain associated with it i.e. feelings such as sadness, anger, hatred, shame, vulnerability, betrayal, insecurity, jealousy, etc. All of this acts like an unhealed wound that is vulnerable to overwhelming you by flooding into your conscious awareness each time you find yourself feeling insecure in your current relationship.

This can make one feel out of control, emotionally unstable, needy, weak, vulnerable, jealous, and can lead to many self sabotaging and unattractive behaviours such as trying to control, manipulate even do surveillance on your current partner. This only leads to further rejection, betrayal and more memories of abandonment getting stored within.

As your can see all of this intensifies old fears of abandonment that then create new negative memories of betrayal and abandonment.

So what if one was able to completely erase or delete those early memories what impact might that have on one's relationship life?

Well, it turns out that a decade ago Master’s Solutions technique was discovered that is able to completely and permanently delete any negative emotions from the memory and leave the individual feeling like it never took place.

I realize that many of you will immediately be either sceptical or possibly fearful of such a possibility but if you follow me just a bit more you'll realize that this is not only an important but necessary transformation for one to permanently stop this negativity from destroying one's relationship life altogether.

By deleting the old emotions from memories one begins to feel emotionally secure, stable, independent, self sufficient, whole, complete, peaceful, resilient, attractive, and mature, is able to make healthy relationship choices and have more stable and long lasting relationships.

It helps to restore self confidence, self esteem, self worth, self respect, and makes one more able to make competent adult choices.

So if you are one of those individuals who is struggling with old fears of abandonment or rejection that are destroying you and your relationships and you would, like to feel more emotionally secure, independent, confident, attractive, complete, and mature kindly get Master’s Series: Love and Dependence and begin the release from your negative past today!

Please note that for the use of MASTER SOLUTION you need to read the following processors “Clap”, “Execute it”, “Merge”, “Hoppo” here

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