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Money in childhood, incl. concepts received from our parents

Childhood, a seemingly carefree time, can unknowingly plant the seeds of **money trauma**. Witnessing **financial instability** at home, like constant arguments about money or living paycheck to paycheck, can create feelings of **insecurity and anxiety** around finances in children. These anxieties can manifest in adulthood as **difficulty managing finances**, a **fear of spending**, or a constant sense of **scarcity**. (

Experiencing **limited resources** firsthand can also contribute to childhood money trauma. This could involve going without essentials like proper clothes or nutritious food, or feeling excluded from activities due to financial limitations. These experiences can create **negative associations** with money and its ability to provide for basic needs, leading to feelings of **shame, powerlessness, or a lack of worth** when it comes to financial success.

Subtle messages from parents and caregivers can also contribute to this trauma. Phrases like "money doesn't grow on trees" or shaming children for spending their allowance can instill a sense of **guilt or fear** around money. Additionally, observing overly **frugal** or restrictive parents can lead to the belief that financial security can only be achieved through **sacrifice and deprivation**. This belief can hinder future financial decisions and hinder the pursuit of financial goals.

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