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My wonderful job

  • Would you like to wake up happy?
  • Can you be pleased by your boss and colleagues?
  • Do you want to eliminate stress while working under pressure?

Would you like to get emotional detachment from money?

Do you want relief?
Tired of the rat race?

As you use the Master's solutions, you are freeing available memory and processing capability by letting go of the emotional charge that is keeping these programs and files running in the background.

So, how do you turn your hatred and fear into your strength? Master’s Solution: My wonderful job starts with hatred of getting up early. Erasing this hatred gives you the enjoyment of the early morning. Next, it eliminates the anger of the traffic jams, crowded transport and elevators. Afterward, it works through the limitedness and unhealthiness of the office space, and lack freedom in cubicle or no privacy in the open-space. Most importantly, it removes the mask of a happy, smart and pompous employee (when you don’t feel that way). Besides that, it eliminates stress of working under pressure.

It automatically and autonomously forgives your bosses, team leaders and colleagues from humiliation, neglect and disrespectful treatment. It forgives for all the grudges made to you in the past. It improves the relationship with clients: clean the blame, judgment and conviction about them. It works through the salary, bonuses and other financial and moral rewards.

Finally, you’ll make yourself free from fears of being fired or ability to find the better job. Since you have no illusion about workplace anymore, you can find the more satisfying job more quickly and your expectations will be closer to reality.

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