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Processing of negative aspects of communication

In nature, a phenomenon known as the "death spiral" is a situation in which a colony of ants suddenly begins to move in circles one after another, involving more and more participants - until all the ants die of exhaustion. The reason for the "funnel" is simple: ants follow each other's trail of pheromones. If the path of a few ants closes in a loop, they create a kind of trap for the rest of their fellows - the more ants join in, the harder it is for them to avoid the spiral.

Humans, in some sense, are also social animals. Our "pheromones" are emotionally charged messages we exchange with each other. Fear, resentment, joy, hope guide us to cooperate with each other - or turn us away from it. And sometimes the same loops arise in our collective communicative field - like small but gradually expanding funnels, they begin to consume our attention, our aspirations, our hopes. Crisis vortices - they make us feel as if we are inside an enchanted circle, and everything we do only feeds the "death spiral," forcing more and more energy to drain until the entire social environment is destroyed.

The difference with ants is that we are not ants - and we can see that we are trapped. Our awareness is our only chance to avoid the "death spiral," our only chance to escape from the self-destructive enchanted circle. This circle may be the idea of war with our neighbors, the idea of infinite wealth and consumption, the idea of infinite progress in the name of progress. As soon as we notice that the process is not serving life, that it is sucking the life out of us, out of loved ones, out of communities, out of everything we hold dear, it is time to consciously say no. The leader of the future (or, as we say, the evolutionary leader) is essentially the person who has the ability to disobey the old "embedded" programs that lead to destruction, and offer another way.

Get Master’s Solution: Processing of negative aspects of communication that clean up the following emotional charges:

• WE communicated with someone, and within us was fear that we would say something that is not right or wrong, and produce a bad impression on the interlocutor

• During conversation, WE were muddled, confused words, tone of voice, lost our train of thought

• OUR speech was incoherent, broken, WE were not able to convey the idea

• WE were afraid to interrupt a dialogue, uninteresting to us, thereby offending the interlocutor

• All OUR complexes, fears, anxieties, and apprehensions which are in any way connected with the material mentioned above

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