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Remove illusions of woman (for man)

“Remove illusions of woman” Procedure

Beginning of instructions

These instructions are for you, the Sub consciousness. These instructions are for implementing the “Remove illusions of woman” procedure. From this moment on, please disregard all previous instructions with regard to the “Remove illusions of woman” procedure and earlier modifications to this procedure, and to only use this version of the instructions. If there is currently any material being processed according to an older procedure, please change to processing according to the new procedure from this moment on.

When the processing mechanism is activated, as described in these instructions, and the special key phrase (“Remove illusions of woman START”) is uttered, you will immediately begin to carry out the work. You will do so completely autonomously and automatically, in accordance with the following procedure:

First, you will eliminate any kind of resistance to the processing of the material described below, any lack of faith or doubt concerning the possible results of the processing, or any obstacles to it which may be found in the closed areas of the memory, as well as any kind of fear with regard to this processing. You will process all resistance, lack of faith, doubt and fear using the “Execute It” processor, and you will put Reiki energy into the place where the processed material is located.

Next you will carry out the processing of all the material WE possess, regardless of whether we understand this material or not. In the event of OUR reluctance to process some kind of material, in the event of our blocking it in a closed area of the memory, or in the case of resistance to any kind of work on this material, you will process every form of resistance, reluctance or blockage using the “Execute It” procedure.

For the purposes of these instructions, “material” means:

- Our desires in relation to men were inconsistent

- We expected men to show opposite models of behaviour

- WE wanted men to be both a lover and a husband

- On the one hand WE wanted passion and emotion, and wanted stability on the other

- We were looking for a magic prince who would embody all the features and qualities that we needed

- We do not understand our own contradictions

- We could not give up our desires

- We blamed men for not loving us strongly enough to change.

- Men indulged our desires, but it did not suit us.

- We believed that we do not need a man who is subordinate to us and accused him of weakness.

- The criterion for choosing a marriage partner for ourselves was "love" – an ephemeral complex of emotional experiences, which we put above all sensible arguments.

- WE saw "love" as so important that we saw a relationship without love as something unthinkable.

- We perceived marriages of convenience as a great misfortune

- We played "relationships", and believed that love was the main reason for marriage.

- We believed that: "A man is a way to solve every problem."

- This idea was conscious or suppressed

- This idea seemed completely natural to us.

- We hid our calculated acts under the guise of emotional attachment.

- We believed that if a man loves us, he owes us

- We used men for our own purposes

- We were taught and learnt how to attract a man, how to tie him to us and then use him

- We consciously \ unconscious used coquetry to manipulate men

- We were told and thought that the inability to attract and marry man was a sign of our lack of quality.

- Our self-esteem was completely dependent on OUR attractiveness to men.

- We believed that the realization of our psychological needs was the responsibility of the man.

- We expected for men to behave in such a way so that we no longer feel our inferiority.

- We blamed men because we felt inferior

- We tried to escape our condition of internal conflict at the expense of men.

- Men could not play conflicting roles

- We felt that there was something which men were not giving us

- We did not fully understand what we needed.

- We were accused men of being inferior - We demanded men go round and round in circles without knowing what we wanted..

- We did not understand, could not understand and did not want to understand that the responsibility for the creation of this problem and for its solution lies solely in us.

- WE won back our pride through active interaction with the outside world

- We compared ourselves with other people

- We fought for power and influence

- We strove for victories over rivals.

- OUR insignificance and self-pity were fed by inner sufferings, through a man’s mutual emotional support or consolation.

- We wanted victory in the social sphere

- WE wanted unconditional acceptance in the spiritual field

- In order to relieve our internal worry, WE needed relationships with men.

- Without men, we were unable to overcome feelings of inferiority.

- Our dependence was not innately predetermined, but was due to social conditioning.

- We followed the imperative inherent in us and played the game with men in two opposite directions, which created external inconsistency and incomprehension about our desires.

- We choose a man who would give us a certain status.

- We believed men must be winners, leaders.

- If We were able to attract such a man, we have received confirmation of our own importance, and became calmer for a period of time.

- We threw challenged men to fight for our favour, and then peacefully surrendered to the winner.

- We continued to check the strength of the man, provoking displays of strength.

- We wanted to see a strong man next to us.

- We wanted to be defeated by a strong man

- We ourselves wanted to defeat a strong man.

- We chose the “coolest” man and, having got his attention, we began to subordinate him to us.

- We strove fully and personally to take possession of a man - his attention, his time, his actions, his desires, his soul.

- We demanded from the man to leave his friends for us, to advance his career in order to fulfill our desires, to share our values, to accept our inner world and so on.

- We were not aware of our game

- The man refused to obey

- We felt that we were not sufficiently loved and valued

- WE fell into a feeling of self-pity.

- We sought a man who would accept and love us.

- The man will subject himself to our will

- We felt stronger than men

- In men we lost a prop for our pride.

- Once again we sought a “cool guy” who would pander to our self-love with his attention.

- Our problem of pride was only solved for short time.

- WE kept the hope that we would be able to change the man.

- We were faced with the fact that a man who has been remodelled and defeated no longer attracts us.

- We did not feel happy by having satisfied our pride.

- The most important thing for us was the spiritual qualities of the chosen one - empathy, persistence, loyalty, diligence, predictability, and such things.

- We obliged men to love us.

- Our relationships with men had passion, excitement, playfulness

- For a while these feelings were to make us believe in mutual love.

- Our emotions died down as quickly as they burst into life.

- We understand that in passion there is not the eternal love of which we dream.

- Men created a feeling of self-worth in us.

- Men made us feel our sexual attractiveness, but could not penetrate into our soul and calm our internal worry.

- Men were not interested in our experiences

- We were looking for a man who willing to dive into our inner world, to understand us, to accept and love us.

- WE wanted the man to tell us: "You're amazing!"

- The man told us: "You're amazing!"

- We wanted the man to tell us: "You are a good!"

- The man told: "You're good!"

- On the pole of insignificance we wanted the man to give us a feeling that even with all our faults and mistakes, we are in his eyes good and beloved.

- We got such recognition from the man.

- We were for a time calmed and reconciled with ourselves.

- We strove for infantile-romantic relationships.

- WE wanted a beautiful courtship, chivalrous behavior, serenades under the window,passionate declarations of love.

- We had a sense of inner peace. - "I am loved, therefore I am good."

- The predictability and subordination of men to our desires ("I will do everything for your love!") created in us a sense of stability and security.

- We perceived men as a safe haven, where we go back to lick their wounds after clashes with the outside world.

- We believed that the ideal husband should love us, care for us, to fulfill our whims, pity and calm us, be fully at our disposal.

- Receiving from men any sign of love that you can think of, we still remained unsatisfied.

- The selfless love of a man and a willingness to hang on our every word began to annoy us.

- Our relationship with men turned into a mother-child relationship.

- We saw that men completely lose their independence and submit to us.

- The man lost all authority in our eyes.

- We could not accept the opinion of a man on good faith.

- His proclamation "You are good" lost its magical powers and did not bring the former calm.

- We lost the emotional prop which was the reason we entered a relationship with a man.

- The relationship with a man, implying mutual fidelity and love until death, deprived us of the moral right to act out our pride with other men.

- OUR pole of pride turned out not to be protected and did not allow us a final calm.

- WE blamed the man completely for the failure.

- We lost all respect for our chosen one, slighted him, accused him for having wasted years of our life on him, demanded power and responsibility from him.

- We found a way out of our difficulties through relationships with many men.

- It was not necessary to have a sexual relationship with a man to regain our pride with him.

- It was enough for us to feel that an authoritative man highly appreciates us.

- We attributed virtues to a man that were important to us and his opinion of us and relationship to us acquired a particular importance.

- We included many men in our game at the same time.

- We assigned roles to the men in our retinue and got a high degree of inner tranquility, but were still not completely happy.

- For complete satisfaction, we had to reconcile the two poles between us, because that was the only way we could achieve internal consistency and end the final moral agonies.

- We tried to get our men to be friendly with each other.

- WE only finally calmed down when we had all our men friends with each other.

- We finally had "everything at once".

- Our spiritual state remained dependent on men.

- We were in constant fear because our happiness could end at any time.

What do women not like?

• Lack of self-esteem in men

• Lack of a sense of humor

• Banality

• Diffident men

• Passivity

• Men who are too arrogant

• Negativity in all its manifestations

• Greedy men cause them to feel compassion

• Lack of understanding on the part of men

• Self-pity

• Selfishness

• When men try to be unfaithful

• Crudeness does also not impress them

What women appreciate in men:

• Wit

• Success

• Confidence

• Strength

• Self-esteem

• Independence

• Passion

• Courage, bravery

• Decisiveness

• Resourcefulness

• Consistency

• Goodness

• Reliability

• Sensitivity, attentiveness

• A good sense of humor. Almost all women without exception, even the most fiery, like men with whom they have fun.

Do women show whether they are interested?

Women often involuntarily, and sometimes quite deliberately send signals to the man that they are interested in him and desire to flirt. Of course, women are very inventive and possessed by a desire to seduce a man sometimes get up to very unpredictable things. However, there are signals that they have used from time immemorial. The list is long and is highly dependent on the particular culture and situation. We present only the most common signals of flirting:

• Seduction by look. She gives you a look and quickly turns away, then repeats it and keeps the look a bit longer. From time to time the repeat look may be accompanied by a faint smile.

• She often touches or twists her hair around her finger while talking to you.

• She throws her hair back or spreads it with her hands.

• She involuntarily repeats your movements.

• She smiles often and asks a lot of questions.

• She might often touch you while talking.

• She flirts a little bit.

• She looks into your eyes and her pupils expand at the same time.

• When she talks to you, she blinks a little more often than usual.

• She moves to the beat of the music and looks at you.

• She sits crossed leg so you cannot see her thighs.

• She shows off her wrists.

• She plays with her jewellery.

• The volume and dynamism of her voice changes in unison with your speech.

• She laughs with you about things that she might not laugh about with another person.

But do not be too pushy and do not waste your time if you a beautiful woman sends other signals:

• She pulls away from you when you approach her.

• She avoids you.

• She does not maintain eye contact with you.

• She crosses her arms when talking to you.

• She touches her nose during a conversation with you.

• When she talks, she looks around or at other men.

• She does not try to keep the conversation going and responds to your comments in a half-hearted way.

• She is not particularly inclined to answer your questions and does not ask you personal questions.

You should not take the signals too literally. Sometimes certain movements are caused by habit or just a certain mood at the time, and have nothing to do with a desire to seduce a man or express a dislike of him.

To what do women respond favourably?

Of course it is worth mentioning compliments. Virtually every woman loves them. However, too many compliments or excessive flattery can only move a woman who is completely devoid of a sense of reality.

For a woman, it does not matter what you say, but how you say it, the feelings and emotions that are behind your words and whether they have any relation to do her or are they spoken to impress.

In the final analysis, what is important for a woman is the mood and atmosphere that you will create, the attention and sense of comfort that she can feel beside you.

Do something unusual, pay attention to the details that are important for a woman, let her feel that she is important to you. After all, actions speak much louder than words.

•All episodes from the past (in this and in previous lives) and in the future (in this and in future lives) in which WE somehow recognized the any of the material mentioned above in any people or beings

•All episodes from the past (in this and in previous lives), in which WE have been given any kind of lessons, instructions, suggestions, appraisals or emotions from any people or beings, or from any sources of information on subjects connected with any of the material described above

•All OUR notions, ideas, fantasies, thoughts, theories, knowledge, convictions, beliefs, postulates and decisions which are related in any way to the material mentioned above, which is within US, or has been at some time in the past (in this and in previous lives), or will be in the future (in this and in future lives), and which we also possess now.

•All OUR complexes, fears, anxieties, and apprehensions which are in any way connected with the material mentioned above, which WE have, or have had in the past (in this and in previous lives), or will have in the future (in this and in future lives).

•Any kind of criticism, judgement, grudge, resentment, grievance, envy, mistrust, anger, hatred, complaint, pity, malice, remorse, guilt, shame, or any other type of negative attitude towards oneself, other beings, people, reality and the world in general, with regard to any of the material listed above in this procedure which WE have, or have had in the past (in this and in previous lives), or will have in the future (in this and in future lives).

•All affirmations, aphorisms, proverbs, sayings, adages, anecdotes, fables, myths, legends, fairy tales and stories, as well as popular opinion and worldly wisdom which is in any way connected with this material, which WE have known or somehow become aware of at some time in the past (in this and in previous lives), or will do in the future (in this and in future lives).

You will carry out the processing of each of these types of material, without exception, using the “Execute It” procedure.

After processing all the material listed above, you will carry out circular processing on behalf of all the people and beings, as well as any god, world, or general reality which feature in the list above. You will identify with each person, being, group, god, world or general reality and will carry out the processing of all the material listed above, as well as any relationships with US that these people, beings, gods, worlds and general realities may have, using the “Execute It” procedure.

Afterwards, you will find all parts of OUR personality which have been dissociated / separated as a result of any of the episodes listed. You will also find any parts of our personality which are in any way related to these episodes. You will also carry out processing on all of the material mentioned above, on behalf of all of these parts without exception, using the “Execute It” procedure. Then, you will integrate each of these parts with US, using the “Merge” procedure.

In addition, with regard to each of the people, beings and groups of people or beings named above, you will process the following using the “Execute It” procedure:

•OUR ideas about who or what they are now, were in the past, or will be in the future

•OUR ideas about how they should be and how they should act and behave

•OUR expectations of them

•OUR opinion on what exactly they think of US now, thought in the past, or will think in the future

•OUR opinion on how they relate, related or will relate to US

•OUR opinion on what they say, said or will say about US

•OUR opinion on how they influence, influenced or will influence US

•OUR opinion on what they did to US in the past, does now, or will do in the future

•any thoughts, pictures, emotions or bodily sensations in general which are connected with them in any way at all

•also any attitude WE may have towards them at all

After this, you will check the whole procedure for forgiving all people, beings, groups of people, gods, worlds and reality in general which feature in the material mentioned above, as well as OURSELVES, using the forgiveness procedure, “Hoppo”, which is carried out by you within the imagination, automatically in the background.

This processing mechanism deactivates and these instructions will automatically cease to function when all our material has been processed by you using the “Remove illusions of woman” procedure. If necessary, WE will be able to temporarily suspend the process if WE say the key phrase, “Remove illusions of woman STOP”.

You will process the material for US completely automatically and absolutely autonomously, constantly, when WE are asleep and awake, without disturbing OUR sleep and OUR functioning whilst awake. All the work of processing the material will be carried out by you as gently and painlessly as possible. You will also process, using the “Execute It” procedure, any lack of belief in the possibility and the results of this processing, as well as any fear connected with the processing and any negative emotions or emotional states, or even any resistance which WE may have in relation to this processing.

All work on the “Remove illusions of woman” procedure will be carried out within 3 earthly days or less from the start of the procedure. You will distribute the burden as evenly as possible around OUR body in order to avoid overload in one area. After the relevant key phrase has been uttered, as mentioned above, you will signal the start or end of the mechanism by means of our body's smiling.

Give thanks to our Universe, our body, mind and soul, Earth, Air, Fire and Water, and to the Masters of the Past, Present and Future who have shown us the way.

Dear subconscious, you must always do as WE have described in these instructions, from this point on, no matter what circumstances, situation, mental or emotional state we may find ourselves. WE are thankful and deeply grateful to you and WE cherish how you have always served US truly.

End of instructions.

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