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Remove problems in connecting with other people

Some people enjoy thinking and cultivating the ability to cope with life's challenges. They can become so consumed by their own ideas and biases that they lose sight of their own happiness. As a result, they grow old and become hard and bitter.

On the other hand, there are those who seek pleasure and live life to the fullest. They don't have time to think, because they are young and carefree. A thinker is someone who contemplates the world, while a feeling person is guided by their emotions.

Both approaches have their own strengths and weaknesses. Life moves in a serpentine fashion, sometimes favouring thought and other times favouring joy and pleasure. It's like a snake that entraps a person in one principle before leading them astray to another, causing them to make mistakes. One can't just focus on pleasure or thought; both are necessary. But it's impossible to seek happiness in both at the same time. You must choose one and hope for happiness, following the highest law even if it means being unfaithful to the other.

Those who prioritise reflection over emotion allow their feelings to fester in the dark. They don't mature on their own and the mold they produce doesn't reach the light. Those who prefer feeling over contemplation cast their thoughts into the darkness, where they spin webs in shadowy corners, ugly webs where flies and gnats congregate. A thinker is repelled by feelings, because they find them distasteful.

A thinker who thinks by thinking is repulsive, because thought itself is fundamentally disgusting. So the snake sits between the thinker and the feeling person. They are each other's poison and cure. The thinker doesn't believe in the existence of anything they can't imagine, while the feeling person doesn't believe in the existence of anything they can't feel.

Only by accepting both principles, even those that oppose us, can we truly understand the full picture, as they both stem from the same root. Let the thinking person have their happiness, and let the feeling person have all their thoughts. That is how they find their way.

Here is the excerpt from main text of the Master’s Solution:

  • When they taught us that other people are special.
  • When they taught us that others – they're great, however, WE are useless.
  • When they taught us to fear others.
  • When they taught us to show ourselves, only in the best light to others.
  • When they taught us not to embarrass ourselves in front of others.
  • When they raised others in OUR eyes to unattainable heights.
  • When they taught us that others are better than us.
  • We they taught us that others are more serious than us.
  • When We saw other people as above us.
  • When WE believed it necessary to look good in front of other people at all costs.
  • When WE believed that our evaluation by others, is in fact OUR real value.
  • When WE thought that other people are smart.
  • When WE believed that others know more than WE do.
  • When in childhood, mother asked OUR friends to look after us, and so WE have decided that our friends are better than us.
  • When WE believed that others are stronger than us.
  • When WE believed that other people are always right.


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