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If you sell your products, you understand that sales success is a state of mind. Some people are always making incredible sales and commissions, while others struggle to get even a little attention. The difference between these two types of people is in their minds and beliefs.

The best salespeople are pushy and enthusiastic, passionate, persistent, self-confident, loud, sometimes arrogant. Fearless in the face of rejection, focused on success, they have a strong belief in themselves - they know that they will sell, they see the opposition as "buying signals". Successful salespeople transfer their energy to the market, they create momentum, enthusiasm for the product/service and the desire to buy NOW, and of course, they close the deal.

Master’s Solution: Sales Increase will cover the following emotional material that:

starting or engaging in activities for the sale of goods, promotion and \ or performing any services and \ or acting as an intermediary in the listed activities, we felt fear:

• that our product and service were not attractive enough and \ or too expensive

• to seem not wealthy

• to fail convincing the buyer to purchase anything from the proposed by us

• not to sell a product or service

• to ruin ourselves

• to spoil relations with other people

• the proceedings related with the possible return of the goods

• to lose the friendship and spoil relations

• to grovel

• to lose a job

• to look ridiculous

• to lose face

• to lose the credibility and the status

• that in the future the customer will require a refund for defective goods or poor quality of services rendered

• to lose a customer

• the scandals, quarrels, examinations, accusations, threats, critics, curses and other unpleasant communication with customers, suppliers, partner or partners

• that the buyer's lie will come to light

• the condemnation of the customers or clients

• to lose our temper before the buyer

• the discomfort from working with the buyer with whom earlier we had the conflicts

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