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Why are the smart ones not good at money? Because they live in the logic of "I know and know how to do something, I have experience, many projects, I have competencies, I have a reputation".

This logic suits the labour market, when we sell our competence, skills, experience, etc. 

Most people are so stupid that they crowd into places where they think it is faster and easier to make money. They go to learn and gain skills and experience. 

As a result your uniqueness falls off rapidly and turns into commodities like screws or bricks or socks - pick what you like. 

Commodities are hard to sell and price is the only factor. Yes, cool professionals are few and unique, but in any market - 90% are middles and juns, and they resemble each other like herrings in a barrel. All of them with eyes goggling with amazement are running around the market to find the next galleys so they don't starve to death and cover their shame.

Those who make money create products using their skills and experience.

Those who make BIG money create products using OTHER people's skills and experience. And other people's money.

Until you deprogram your brains, you'll stagnate with all your education and skills.😂 

Use Master’s Solution: To get the first millions to deprogram your subconscious mind and get the rich people mindset.

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