Beware of Snapbacks

Snapback occurs when the personality regresses, and is caused by the release of suppressed emotions. Usually, it is felt as anger, apathy, annoyance, depression, exhaustion, or despair. Or you might experience it as a lack of energy, sickness, vomiting, or the flare-up of old pains. Snapback usually occurs after a very powerful emotion is released.

Snapback is experienced by 95% of practitioners of the technique, since your emotional waste has accumulated for years and when purified, it begins to appear on a conscious level. Actually, everyone around you is already in permanent snapback, but they hide their emotions under a mask or suppress them until those feelings later find their way out in the form of depression, scandal, or illness.

Periods of snapback will be continuous during the first 2-3 months of work, but afterward the snapbacks will decrease in number and appear only when you touch very large and highly-charged layers of emotional waste.

Here is some practical advice:

  1. It is easy to recognize a snapback. It is when you feel bad, when you feel that you are not making progress, if you want to commit suicide, or if you start to think in generalities like "all", "always", "nothing", and “everybody” - i.e., "all these bastards“ or ”nothing is happening".
  2. Use the snapback as a tool. Place two fingers in the middle of your chest and repeat the phrase "even when I feel bad and I think that everything is hopeless, I fully and completely love and accept myself, my body, my personality, and also the fact that I feel bad and everything is hopeless". When you start to feel acceptance of this state, take a piece of paper and write down everything you feel and think and then process it with the "Execute It" processor.
  3. Get creative. Create a poster about a snapback and look at it when you feel bad.
  4. Keep a record of your feelings and insights in a diary. It will be very funny to read it later on.
  5. Acknowledge the illusion. When you start to feel snapback, please ask yourself, "Who is suffering?" and look carefully at the answer. You will realize that no part of yourself is suffering - it is just an illusion.
  6. Take responsibility for yourself. You need to know that some snapbacks can be very difficult and include depression and thoughts of suicide. This does not mean that you will always suffer while practicing the technique, but if you experience overload, please take responsibility for your snapback.
  7. Take care. Do not forget to help your physical body by taking multivitamins and enjoying warm or hot Jacuzzis, fresh air, exercise (swimming, jogging, hiking, or biking in the fresh air), and massage. Drink at least two liters of water per day. Take multivitamins, especially those which contain vitamins B. In addition, fatty acids (Omega-3) and vitamin E are recommended. You are clearing your mind and that clearing your physical body is a part of that so look at your food, clear your intestines, and monitor the state of your liver and kidneys.
  8. Subliminal music - alpha, beta or theta waves may also help you to treat the snapbakc
  9. Give the snapback time to work itself out. You will feel very differently and have a very different understanding of the world around you. And finally, as you go further with the technique, your snapbacks will decrease in intensity, but they could still return. Work carefully, especially, during the Starting stage, since it can substantially decrease the intensity and frequency of snapbacks. Do not forget that snapbacks are the price you pay for how fast you process. The slower you work, the fewer snapbacks you will endure. What’s more, eventually the snapbacks will disappear and you will start to miss them. That’s a paradox.
  10. You can buy Snapback Remover here

All snapbacks are illusions - just do not believe in them.