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Manual Processing of the Most Painful Problem

The most painful episodes are processed manually, because this is most important part of your work. This re-experiencing is a very important part of the work, in order to release the energy that is hidden in the past. Usually the re-experiencing takes several years, but thanks to Master's Solutions we can do it in a few days. The same problem will be processed automatically later on, during the “Awake me” stage, but you need to start with the basic episodes and work with the most important persons for you.

We begin to re-experience by compiling a list of episodes, thoroughly remembering and writing down these past episodes, when we interacted with other people.

  • Take a sheet of paper and pen and start to write. It is not important if you cannot remember every episode and detail - that will come later. The most painful episodes could be blocked or hidden in the deep layers of your subconsciousness.
  • Write down only the facts of the episode. There is no need to compose a poem about your torment. For example – “argued with John at my birthday party”, “money was stolen from my wallet”, “missed the flight to Hawaii”, and so on.
  • Do not worry about the details of the episode - the subconscious mind remembers them all - every breath, every movement, every touch.
  • It is better to group episodes around a person - it will be easier to process not only the episode, but also the person later on.
  • Focus on the most highly charged and embedded episodes, primarily those connected to your parents and loved ones. It is not difficult to recognize a charged episode - those are the ones that cause you discomfort when you touch them.
  • You do not need to remember the whole episode and relive it. Just mark it.
  • Do not lie to yourself by saying you do not have charged episodes - that means that they are hidden very deep in your subconsciousness.

Compiling a list of episodes and processing them will bring considerable relief and you will have more energy and enthusiasm to work further. Eventually, you will realize you have no more heavily charged material. That means the work is over and all other material will be processed automatically. However, it is possible that you will begin to remember some very painful, basic episodes, usually associated with childhood, within 2-3 months - it means you need to do more manual processing. Manual processing is carried out using basic processor - "Execute It".

The processor's main task is to quickly eliminate the episode's emotional charge. The charge consists of pictures, emotions, feelings, senses, and thoughts.

I also recommend you to find appropriate Master’s Solution in the Catalogue and process it automatically, using experience of Masters who already got exactly the same problem in the past.

The Instruction:
1. Read or listen the text of Execute it processor
2. For example, you need to eliminate problem with the boss. Say (loud or mute):
- "Boss" - "Execute it" and then smile
- "Boss rejected my request to raise the salary" - "Execute it" and then smile
- "I''ll be fired" - "Execute it" and then smile
- "I tried so many techniques and it does not help" - "Execute it" and then smile
- "I'm not good enough for success" - - "Execute it" and then smile
- "The Master's technique is bullshit and will not help" - "Execute it" and then smile and so on.
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