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Remove humiliation connected to money matters

We have a very powerful computer inside our heads. Thanks to this computer we learned how to build cities and communities, flew into space and invented writing.

 This computer is more powerful than a Chat GPT-4 or even the most powerful processor somewhere in the bowels of the secret services.

 This computer is called a subconscious mind, and we are all programmers. The job of programmers is to write programs which are executed by the computer. Thanks to those programs we have the internet, automated manufacturing, bitcoin, social networks and cat memes. Potentially, we can write programs of any complexity, many times greater than what is now considered the limit of human capacity.

 The only problem is that most people code at the level of Indian programmers. Something somehow works, but the code is crooked, ugly and produces errors regularly. And there are also constant warnings and bugs from previous versions.

 In my opinion the human being will not be a dominating species on this planet forever. It will be replaced by artificial life-forms, hybrids or some new kind of creature. The process is already underway and is accelerating, much faster than humans can absorb it.

 Until that happens, our task is to improve the quality of the code we feed to the internal processor. To do this, we must learn to track the errors in thinking that lead to the same consequences over and over again and will eventually put humanity on the brink of extinction.

 In order to keep track of mistakes, you need to see the code. A code is the mental signals we send to our inner computer. A huge part of these signals is technical noise, clogging up the channel and preventing us from seeing the program as a whole. When you only see a small piece of it, bashing is inevitable.

 Observing the nature of the mind pays attention to this rubbish is a big step. Not many people notice it in principle.

 The second step is to sort the rubbish. Scatter it in different baskets and find hidden pearls among this rubbish. By learning to do this, we open up access to our computer terminal and gradually learn how to write clear, understandable programs that the system will execute exactly.

 The third step, is to understand the root of rubbish. In most cases, it'll the past situations and traumas receive in the childhood. As soon as we understood the root of it, we can clean it up using the power of subconscious mind - our reliable servant with almost incredible capacity.
 My experience shows that most of the people just make the chain of wrong decisions even at the right time. Thus, use Master's Solution: 
Remove humiliation connected to money matters from the Set: Open your mind to Universe Wealth to clean the roots of pains.


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