Master's Solution: Antidepressant

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Eliminate Depression with Master’s Solution: Antidepressant

Do you feel…

  • Like you are caught in an energy “black hole” with no hope for inner light?
  • Experiencing ongoing feelings of sadness or failure?
  • Feel as if you would like to withdraw from the world?
  • Feeling lonely, unloved, or unsupported?

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Depression can crush desire and make it seem as if life has no purpose. It can make us feel dead inside, or make it seem like things are too heavy to manage and we simply want to give up. We can begin to envision only failure for ourselves, or start to believe that there’s no way out, and no one out who can help. These mental images can be incredibly damaging, and processing so many conflicting emotions uses so much energy that we have little left to act in our own best interests. As a result, depression can make it difficult to enjoy activities we once loved, and have negative effects on health and relationships. We may even withdraw in an attempt to protect ourselves from being hurt.

Master Solution: Antidepressant can help. It stamp out roots of depression and helps you relax naturally.

Negative emotions and experiences act a lot like programs and files which are left open on your computer. Although you might not always be using them, they stay active in the background, draining away your available energy, memory, and processing capabilities. The contradictory messages they send cause confusion and conflict that interfere with conscious intentions, as well as with one another. This creates mental and physical blockages which result in unwanted tension, stress and depression. To get release from these negative emotions, you need a way to close down these open programs in your mind. By eliminating the root causes of depression, it makes you happier, healthier, and experience greater satisfaction.

Master’s Solution: Antidepressant works because it eliminates the both the underlying causes and symptoms of depression

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