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Our family life is very important to us. We are getting behavioral models from our parents and we reproduce these models in our families. Besides that, we are getting most of problems from our upbringing. Actually, our parents are transferring their problems, fears, pains, concepts, griefs, hates in our lives. To eliminate this mental rubbish, kindly use our Master's Solution Set: Family and parents.

Look at the short citation from this subconscious Solution Set:

  • Parents/grandma were very rigidly and categorically opposed to us and everything we do/want /say/choose, and so forth
  • It seemed to us that everybody is very rigidly and categorically opposed to us and everything we do/want /say/choose, and so forth
  • We were very rigidly and categorically opposed to others
  • We believed that since we did not help and did not do what we were told, we have to restrict ourselves and feel guilty
  • They humiliated and ridiculed us with the fact that we are "slow", retarded, and out of it
  • We have been slow, retarded, and out of it
  • We were offended and turned in on ourselves when someone called us "slow", retarded, slowpoke, etc.
  • We wanted to have different parents
  • Someone else's parents seemed to us to be better \ smarter \ thinner \ more intelligent \ more interesting than ours
  • We envied someone because their parents are better \ more intelligent \ thinner \ smarter \ more interesting \ better educated than ours
  • We blamed any of our problems on our parents
  • We believed that we would have a completely different life, if we had different parents, that because of them we were not successful professionally, and unsuccessfully married
  • We felt frustration, anger, resentment, anger, dislike towards our parents in connection with the above material
  • We realized with regret that they raised us as wimps
  • In childhood, we lacked parental love
  • Instead of giving us moral encouragement, parents began to regret, and to ridicule and humiliate us
  • Parents did not listen to our opinion, we had the impression that our parents feel that we, by default, a priori, can not say anything intelligent and sensible
  • Parents took our advice, comments like their own thoughts, they immediately gave orders on what and how we should do, sometimes no different from those that we have just advised them

Get Master's Solution Set: Family and Parents to eliminate all the problems in your family. Remember, you are just reproducing problems of your parents in your family relationship.

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