Guide to subconscious mind power in business. Step 2.


Guide to subconscious mind power in business.
Step 2.
How To Improve Effectiveness of Business With Simple Cue Words

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I've always been interested in 2 ideas:

1) Changing the global consciousness, especially in how money is perceived, is crucial for cultivating Peace of Mind and understanding why only 2% of people achieve true success.
2) Restructuring the global energy market.

Let me share with you my ideas, techniques and bit of bitter personal experience.
We see the world through the filters of our concepts - we choose TV channels, newspapers, social media, etc. based on our own education, concepts and mindset - channels that fully resonate with us and give us the viewpoints according to our own biases. The same is true for our communication circle. It means that we restrict ourselves from objective information. In fact, we block about 80% of the accessible information needed to make ADEQUATE DECISIONS.
Second, we need to take action according to the information we receive. And in most cases, we either sabotage these actions or we do not ACT ADEQUATELY.

Keeping this in mind, only 2-3% of the actions will have any (positive) effect.
Since success is about acting in the right place, with the right people and at the right time systematically, most people can do it only occasionally (2-3%).
Let's look at my example - I created MastersofUniverse.Net in 2011 and it works profitably until 2018. I made exactly two mistakes that decrease the value of the company by several millions.
First of all, I did not see the market changes properly - I did not follow the growing demand of people to be self-realized. Besides, I didn't do the right things - I just followed my vision based on the outdated "Soviet" principles of development that I got from my parents, at school and later at university. And I shifted the focus of my attention to another project in global energy supply. Eventually, the filtered vision and outdated principles almost destroyed the project. The COVID-18 opened a lot of possibilities for the growth that I simply ignored.
In fact, I wasted my time, resources and energy simply because I was not in the right place at the right time, that cost me several million dollars. Now I have to rebuild the company with much higher competition and using completely different sales mindset.
So what Master's Solutions / Cue Words can I recommend to you? The following Master's Solution can be used to clarify the vision (the links are clickable):
Low self esteem: become master of your life, body and mind
Clarification of belief-disbelief, trust-mistrust
Complex of inferiority
Ego purge
Eliminate affirmations that rape the mind
Eliminate Apocalyptiphobia
To act adequately to the information:
Opening way to success
Elimination of procrastination
Remove self-limitations
Eliminate self-sabotage
Eliminate self-negation
Eliminate suffering
Eliminate the root of humdrum
Elimination of ego
Elimination of unworthiness
Elimination of victim role
Erasing fears
Erasing of shame
If you need more information on how to use these incredible Master's Solutions / Cue Words - get a free 30-minute introductory session.
I absolutely confident in subconscious mind technique and provide my personal 14-days money back guarantee for any Master's Solution.
There are 3 forms of collaboration:
1. Free option: You make a try and gain confidence with the technique using free processors and work out AGFLAP-CAP list and the list of polarities..Here is the link:
2. Paid monthly subscription: You'll get access to more than 250 already-made instructions for the subconscious mind that are based on previous people's experiences. It costs less than a dollar a day.
3. Personal sessions: we dive deep into the layers of your subconscious mind to eliminate very private and sensitive negative emotional charges from childhood and teenage years. After that, I'll show how to create the instruction for subconscious mind that realize your targets much faster and with less efforts.
Last but not least, every mistake (either based on imperfect information or inability to act adequately) may waste millions of dollars, thousands of working hours and years of life.

Do you really hope to reach outstanding results without changing you subconscious mindset?

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"I just wanted to express my gratitude for the incredible effort you've put into your technique. It's clear that you've poured your heart and soul into your learning and have a true passion for sharing it with others. Thank you so much, Gleb, for all that you do!"
Alex, Portugal
"I have been struggling with neck problems and disconnection between my body and mind for a long time. But after trying the 'Neck and Face' master solution from the Master of Subconscious Mind program, I feel more relaxed and full of energy. The stiffness in my neck has reduced by 90% and I am more present and aware of my body and emotions. I have restarted many of the completed master solutions with the catalyst program, and I can feel them working deeper than before. The Master of Subconscious Mind program has helped me to connect with my body and organs, and I am now able to show emotions and socialize better. I highly recommend this program to anyone who wants to unlock their master key to success and happiness."
Chris, Netherlands
I am happy to share that I am feeling more relaxed and inspired on a daily basis. The program has helped me align myself with my true passion, and I am grateful for the newfound inspiration I am experiencing.
In addition to my struggles with focus, there have been underlying fears that have held me back. One fear is the fear of not being seen or recognized by my parents and others outside of my family. Another fear that has been particularly challenging is the fear of not being in control of the situation.
Through the Master's Solutions coaching program, I have been able to address these fears and work towards overcoming them. The program has provided me with tools and techniques to gain control over my fears and take charge of my life.
Overall, I highly recommend the Master's Solutions coaching program to anyone who is seeking guidance and support in finding their passion, achieving focus, and overcoming fears. The program has been invaluable in my personal growth journey, and I am confident it can help others as well.
Victor, Florida, USA
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