To attract positive opportunities into areas of a person's life, it is important to vibrate at a frequency that reflects a positive high polarity. A positive polarity is that which corresponds to the natural life force that is intended to expand each of us beyond what it currently is. 

We often use words like "good" and "bad" to describe events without thinking about what those words represent. The positive actually indicates that the event is "life enhancing" while the negative indicates that the event is "life depleting". 

Similarly, one can define what I call the "magnetic polarity" of human energy as a positive or negative point. For example, is it oriented primarily toward the expansion of life or toward the withdrawal from life? It is clear that the first concern is to create a satisfying life experience; what can also be described as a successful life. The latter, on the other hand, is about giving up life and choosing death and dying as a "potential" option. 

Individuals hold one or the other of these orientations depending on the degree to which their life history is stored within them as memories. If these memories are often negative, it leads to negative thoughts on life and living, which causes a loss of enthusiasm for life and reduces frequency vibrations. The decrease in vibrational frequency is actually due to depleted life energy which itself comes from the presence of negative memories stored in the unconscious mind/body. 

Unfortunately, lower frequencies are associated with negative magnetic polarity that tends to attract more negative events/experiences into one's life. Is there a way to change one's magnetic polarity into a positive range to have a positive experience? Yes! 

In order to increase one's tone, change the magnetic polarity into a positive range and thus attract positive events into one's life, it will be necessary to immediately erase the negative memories one has stored. and forever. When this happens, the life energy spontaneously reintegrates in the mind / body and the person who feels the fire, more present, joy, more enthusiasm and passion about life and living begins to draw positive affirmation that leads to a more satisfying and successful life. To reach a new level of positive energy, get our Master Solution Set: Energy

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